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6/13/2013 12:25:00 PM
Check out our band --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=Sgul6eTy_Qg&NR=1

We hope you like our music! We are trying to get listeners from all over the world. Stay cool and greetings from Finland!
Like our FB page--> http://www.facebook.com/dreadfulband

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9/6/2012 3:49:00 PM

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9/28/2011 1:52:00 PM
shit. forgot to check. ill check now
cbrickhouse 0 posts
9/28/2011 1:41:00 PM
fight2live 0 posts
8/11/2011 11:43:00 AM
Might dump my keeper..brandon marshall...let me take a few more days to think about it. Waiting to see if they get a better qb in there
fight2live 0 posts
7/11/2011 6:56:00 PM
Stephen Marley sunday july 17th at the blockley in philly. Stoked.
sandraluv 0 posts
5/5/2011 6:55:00 PM

Nice to meet you..
How are you today,My name is Sandra.I picked interest on you after going through your profile and i really want to have a good friendship with you.Beside i have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself there,since it's a public site.I will be very happy, If you can get back to me, through my e-mail Is(sandrabenazir@yahoo.com)so that I can send you more details about me. I believe we can move from here.I am waiting for your mail to my email address above,
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fight2live 0 posts
4/6/2011 11:32:00 AM
Pumped for the masters. Whos your pick to win it?
lieshc 0 posts
3/22/2011 5:37:00 PM
chocolate juice 0 posts
11/16/2010 8:30:00 PM
Rofl I'm set on pedals
tofu 0 posts
11/7/2010 10:27:00 PM
oh okay; I was wondering because i'll be graduating with a structural engineering degree in june and am looking around at engineering firms in the area. Are there a lot of firms around who don't do their drafting in-house?
zulxmosh 0 posts
9/21/2010 11:26:00 PM
hello..greetings from Malaysia..
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8/2/2010 5:19:00 PM
hello there

Hello My name is chris, i saw your profile today at www.stereokiller.com and i became intrested in you and your fantasy football draft

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(villa53@hotmail.com) See you at the draft. Thanks From blessing.
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5/6/2010 11:28:00 AM
what an awesome hole

fight2live 0 posts
4/8/2010 11:32:00 AM
do you have 3D?? please say yes so I can come over and watch the masters
eric lfd 0 posts
12/21/2009 12:45:00 PM
wouldnt you know...thats who im going with lol
fight2live 0 posts
11/30/2009 11:56:00 AM
saturday night was awesome. that groundation album is so good for long car rides. We burned several spliffs on the way down to AC

soja only was only given thirty minutes to play so that was real disappointing but they sounded awesome. This venue at the Borgata has the best sound ever. Matisyahu was waaay better than I expected, and certainly better than the last time I saw him in philly a couple years ago.

SOJA is headlining in baltimore on new years eve with jah works and several other good reaggae bands. I booked a room this morning
fight2live 0 posts
11/30/2009 11:33:00 AM
not sure if you are into the band Groundation (amazing reggae band..super chill, laid back style) but their new album is great, check it out if you havent yet, its called Here I Am
fight2live 0 posts
11/17/2009 11:01:00 AM
sounds awesome. We should be there by 6. This is gonna rule.
fight2live 0 posts
11/17/2009 10:21:00 AM
I misplaced the invitation for your wedding reception. What time should we arrive? what time is kickoff? I have a family thing in the afternoon and we are coming after that. Cant wait to see you guys
fight2live 0 posts
11/11/2009 11:42:00 AM
looking forward to the nov 22nd celebration! Also, we are going to AC on saturday the 28th to see SOJA and Matisyahu. If you guys are interested in going you could ride with us. should be fun
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
7/24/2009 1:19:00 PM
yo man if you're ever in delco i can get you that kush on a regular basis
fight2live 0 posts
6/24/2009 11:34:00 AM
hey barry, I've been so busy this week, been unable to swing by to see the work. how did everything turn out? I raised some hell about your basement getting water in it, I was hoping they would do something to compensate you.
Captain Ahab 0 posts
5/29/2009 2:06:00 PM
HAAAAA!!!! no problem...enjoy the prunes.
Captain Ahab 0 posts
5/28/2009 8:00:00 PM
happy birthday old man river
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
5/23/2009 9:15:00 AM
thats awesome! i just read somewhere on here that you were, and thought id throw it out there.
congrats and good luck!
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
5/18/2009 4:03:00 PM
yo, are you getting married?
if you're looking at getting a wedding photographer, drop me a line.
fight2live 0 posts
5/6/2009 9:44:00 AM
welcome home dude. Did Jaime make it out to your house this morning?
fight2live 0 posts
4/24/2009 10:44:00 AM
yo can you delete that comment with Jamie's phone number in it, I should have PMd it haha
fight2live 0 posts
4/24/2009 10:21:00 AM
got the date for your install inspection....wednesday may 6th at 8am.

as far as reviewing and signing the paperwork, we will need to get together before this upcoming Tuesday. I'm going to be very busy today and tomorrow so Monday night might be the best for me. I can swing by and you can sign your life away
fight2live 0 posts
4/16/2009 5:55:00 PM
if you will have a piece of the new molding by then it would be helpful but not necessary
fight2live 0 posts
4/16/2009 10:51:00 AM
I'm meeting my trim guy at your place tuesday at noon to evaluate the crown molding. Its the soonest time he and I could both get there.
fight2live 0 posts
4/15/2009 1:48:00 PM
thanks for those pics, very helpful. My project manager wants to meet me out there with a ladder before we go any further. He wants to make sure removing the crown wont fuck up your roof. Im just waiting to hear back from him on a day and time. Then we can formulate a game plan for the project so its done right.
fight2live 0 posts
4/13/2009 3:08:00 PM
I called out of work again today because my throat is fucked up and swollen, I cant really talk. We have to reschedule for another night this week..maybe tomorrow night or wednesday. Sorry bout that buddy
..::localeye::.. 0 posts
1/15/2009 12:47:00 PM
ill roll by at 5pm. if your not going to be there just hit me and we'll work a different day
fight2live 0 posts
1/15/2009 12:36:00 PM
my schedule is unpredictable so its hard to say. should be back home today between 4:30 and 5:30 if that works
Dan Conner 0 posts
1/8/2009 3:56:00 AM
Yeah I'm going to recommend Santa Cruz for your honeymoon. It looks like thats going to be your best all around bet for what you're looking for. Its still close enough to drive to all the socal wineries, and its a pimp small city right on prime socal coastline. I actually like it a lot down there myself, and i'm not too big into socal. Plenty of stuff for you to do, with the beach, and the boardwalk and whatnot. sick golf courses if you bring your sticks (PASATIEMPO!!!) and a lot of stuff that girlies like. It is a tad bit on the more expensive side though, but not too bad for tourists. If you guys want a guide, get ahold of me. I'll be in that area after I graduate the CHP academy.
ChoadM111 0 posts
11/16/2008 11:51:00 PM
you should take some of your own advice, you might learn something new and realize how much of a faggot you are
ChoadM111 0 posts
11/16/2008 11:47:00 PM
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
11/16/2008 11:45:00 PM
hey man do you still book shows
Emo_Bi_Ceara 0 posts
10/30/2008 9:36:00 AM
are you in a band are someting?
yantastic 0 posts
10/25/2008 8:41:00 PM
your vote is in my heart if not on this profile.


master of puppets>Kill Em All>Ride The Lightning>>>>>>And Justice For All.
Brett Weir 0 posts
9/13/2008 5:56:00 AM
monday evening is perfect. ill actually be in the city drinking if you want to hang out. call me up dude. we'll be watching the game at a bar, ill get you the details sunday. thank you again, seriously.
Brett Weir 0 posts
9/11/2008 11:51:00 PM
yo yo dude, do you still have that old fixie for 50 bucks? im getting to town on sunday and i got the money. hit me up! 6093152366. all love.
JessiSnow 0 posts
9/4/2008 11:39:00 AM
Hey, look at you!! Tell Lera I said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” on Saturday. I have shows at 3PM and 7PM, but I’ll be thinking of her. I hope you have tons of fun!!
RAD 0 posts
8/28/2008 5:19:00 PM
Thank you!!
RAD 0 posts
8/27/2008 7:58:00 PM
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it, ahah
RAD 0 posts
8/27/2008 7:52:00 PM
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it, ahah
RAD 0 posts
8/27/2008 7:30:00 PM
excuse me?
RAD 0 posts
8/27/2008 7:26:00 PM
that's probably because they're fucking stupid
RAD 0 posts
8/27/2008 5:42:00 PM
I don't know why not?
RAD 0 posts
8/27/2008 4:07:00 PM
I dig your music taste
fight2live 0 posts
1/16/2008 5:30:00 PM
how'd you like that shit?
Dan Conner 0 posts
1/10/2008 11:57:00 AM
Totally. We've been playing every day for the last 2 weeks, and 2 days it didn't rain. Thank god for rainsuits. It's really not bad though, I'm a good weather player. I used to live in West Texas, with 40mph winds, sleet, etc. Shit, I played a tournament in Levelland Texas in 3 inches of snow. We had to use colored balls. It was like playing bunker shots all day long.
a national acrobat 0 posts
11/30/2007 10:27:00 AM
why are you trying to start static
fight2live 0 posts
11/30/2007 8:52:00 AM
that would rock. I'm coming with dayna and her sister bernadette. Looking forward to seeing you buddy
fight2live 0 posts
11/30/2007 8:44:00 AM
gonna be at grape tonight?
fight2live 0 posts
5/15/2007 4:02:00 PM
that was awesome dude. Way better than I anticipated. Glad we went together, good times!!
LynZie 0 posts
5/15/2007 11:19:00 AM
No, I wont. Believe me Ill make sure people have money to go next time!! Later
LynZie 0 posts
5/15/2007 11:09:00 AM
awsome, those shows ARE ALWAYS my favorite shows... just the feeling I get inside when I listen to them is the best! Glad ya had fun anyways! Rock the bells is on my next show list.
LynZie 0 posts
5/15/2007 11:00:00 AM
No I didnt:( I really really really wanted I decided to go to ziggys bday show instead. It was a lot closer and didnt cost as much. Did you go? if so was it fucking amazing?? I hope they come around again soon.
fight2live 0 posts
5/4/2007 11:41:00 AM
excellent advice sir. Now to find me some plaid knickers.
fight2live 0 posts
5/4/2007 10:51:00 AM
I know how to play, but I outgrew my clubs and never got new ones. For now, I just want a decent 7 iron, wedge, putter, a sweet driver and 3 or 5 wood. I played 18 at woodys with a rental set. It was pathetic. They sell used clubs there, but not much.
fight2live 0 posts
5/4/2007 10:16:00 AM
do you know anywhere around here that sells used golf clubs? i think all the play-it-agains went out of biz
fight2live 0 posts
4/23/2007 2:12:00 PM
I'm down for whatever, copa is good but I think you're right, it will be packed. I've been there a bunch before, so maybe we can hit up somewhere different. Friday was awesome. Lots of delicious baked goodies mmm
fight2live 0 posts
4/23/2007 2:04:00 PM
we got tix for may 12th. Lets hit up some grub on south st b4 the show

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