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10/16/2016 3:51:00 PM

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3/28/2014 10:51:00 AM
your so gorgeous
from hell to heaven 0 posts
8/26/2012 9:13:00 AM
please join us
DIM-ASS 0 posts
8/2/2011 3:52:00 PM
hi there, visit us when u have an extra time, thanks :)

Beefy 0 posts
2/27/2011 5:49:00 AM
click here for link - cyvoid wants you in their intergalactic army! :)

Rummies 0 posts
11/17/2010 5:06:00 PM
Check out our shit and let us know what you think...


click here for link
thedrone 0 posts
2/11/2007 11:04:00 AM
new songs will be up on valentines day!!!
thedrone 0 posts
2/3/2007 8:20:00 PM
thats awesome !! corey s my boy!!!! he s awesome , actually bitgota is no more , i just started a new band! check it out!! www.myspace.com/successwillwriteapocalypseacrossthesky
thedrone 0 posts
2/3/2007 10:18:00 AM
were you in another band few years ago!????
Hooligans United 0 posts
12/14/2006 7:02:00 PM
Your in a band with Cory I went to College with that guy... Hey do you guys have a myspace link
aoaoo 0 posts
12/13/2006 4:49:00 AM
hey thanks for the music, really enjoying it!!!!x
BRO 0 posts
11/30/2006 5:21:00 PM
aoaoo 0 posts
11/28/2006 10:54:00 AM
that sucks, it would be amazing to see you guys play, might have to try and take a trip over to the states then!!!
aoaoo 0 posts
11/28/2006 8:01:00 AM
ha ha, thats cool.
no tours overseas on the horizon?
aoaoo 0 posts
11/28/2006 7:23:00 AM
hey, good morning!!
did you manage to e-mail those mp3's over?
aoaoo 0 posts
11/23/2006 10:42:00 AM
yeah, that would be sweet, my email is cbamber@hushmail.com
aoaoo 0 posts
11/23/2006 10:09:00 AM
cool, well i'll definately be ordering one, you only got those two recordings on gayspace??
massibezzy 0 posts
11/23/2006 10:03:00 AM
aoaoo 0 posts
11/23/2006 9:41:00 AM
thats amazing! I have two of your songs on my ipod! you're sick as fuck,
and not too bad looking either!!!
aoaoo 0 posts
11/23/2006 9:16:00 AM
are you in hollywood streetwalker?????
toothcollectr 0 posts
11/13/2006 9:18:00 PM
Haha, your tattoo's are awesome!
Ron Shark 0 posts
11/4/2006 2:24:00 AM
Really no good reason we don't talk other than I'm an asshole I guess. Hit me up on AIM some time, x HATERade x Also, our bands definitely NEED to play shows together at some point in the not too distant future!
Eric Paradox 0 posts
10/27/2006 1:05:00 PM
I was planning to go to MDF 07... I'm too poor to travel to AA too, but I'm certainly jealous of everyone attending.... hahaha.
Eric Paradox 0 posts
10/27/2006 5:56:00 AM
how so??
Cory Monster 0 posts
10/9/2006 6:44:00 PM
happy birthday you!
Eric Paradox 0 posts
9/3/2006 10:54:00 AM
hell yeah, I'll definitely be at MDF this year.
Eric Paradox 0 posts
9/2/2006 10:15:00 PM
you need to come up to Montreal on October 14th and see Brutal Truth with Dismember and Testament.
Metal til Im sixty 0 posts
5/24/2006 10:54:00 PM
hate that we'll be missing you this weekend.
Cory Monster 0 posts
4/14/2006 6:05:00 PM
. .is officially nervous
Toilet Fleet 0 posts
1/28/2006 4:48:00 PM
I'm prettttttttty sure we're in a band together.
TheAlmightyTrash 0 posts
1/3/2006 7:44:00 PM
you like toadies. and i love possum kingdom. thats a1.
Eric Paradox 0 posts
6/16/2005 12:14:00 AM
haha, remember the great blacks in wax museum? I found pictures of it and put them in the thread.
Eric Paradox 0 posts
6/11/2005 2:35:00 PM
Metal til Im sixty 0 posts
6/10/2005 1:59:00 PM
Metal til Im sixty 0 posts
5/31/2005 2:10:00 PM
haha, a tie it is then.
Metal til Im sixty 0 posts
5/31/2005 2:07:00 PM
bahahahahaha, I think Immolation's incredible live show that surpasses any other death metal band's EVER is the awesome.
STURGIS 0 posts
4/30/2005 6:21:00 PM
nicely put
Eric Paradox 0 posts
4/29/2005 5:29:00 PM
haha, thanks

it's my custom "shut the fuck up bitch while I degade you and secretly hope that you really will show me your tits" image
STURGIS 0 posts
4/27/2005 6:29:00 PM
your right walls of jericho are much better. and i wasen't comparing. i was saying it so you might check them out. but i guess you already have
STURGIS 0 posts
4/27/2005 12:29:00 PM
walls of jericho
4/20/2005 5:32:00 PM
i do believe that you are one awesome gal as well.
JessiSnow 0 posts
4/20/2005 3:04:00 PM
Hey, thanks! I have no idea what brought that on, but it made me smile like this dude:
Cory Monster 0 posts
4/12/2005 2:20:00 PM
you, Andy and Matt are a riot
nosaj 0 posts
4/9/2005 6:50:00 PM
Why not pay two bucks to be premium?
JessiSnow 0 posts
4/6/2005 4:56:00 PM
Good call, he's really cute sometimes. Sometimes he looks really weird though, like frail and alien-ish. . . or maybe that's just an association thing. HAHA
OH NO OH FUCK 0 posts
4/6/2005 6:44:00 AM
Very DA but/and really good!!! Have you got anything out?!!!
OH NO OH FUCK 0 posts
4/3/2005 6:59:00 PM
Do you sing in a grindband? I want to hear it! What are you called? Download link?
Steve 0 posts
4/1/2005 5:43:00 PM
I think I got your band's demo here at Relapse.
yournotfunny 0 posts
3/25/2005 2:55:00 PM
your band rips my face off. you guys are so shting brutal. i wish you lived near me so you could play in my basement
Mike Gore 0 posts
2/23/2005 7:40:00 PM
ATWA 0 posts
2/11/2005 2:02:00 PM
impeccable taste in music.
cilahpalic 0 posts
1/21/2005 8:02:00 PM
I've never seen you live before. I discovered you guys yesterday and decided that i need the hollywood streetwalker disk, immediately. as for the price of your disk, i'm wondering if you would like to switch music. i myself make plenty of music, from jazz, to grind, to noise, to ambient. perhaps i could send you some of my music for yours?
cilahpalic 0 posts
1/20/2005 12:31:00 PM
ha, hollywood streetwalker brewed plenty of giggles. i quite liked it. how would i go about getting my hands on your disk, for i do not live in the united states.
Eric Paradox 0 posts
12/31/2004 12:18:00 AM

PM me and tell me what you think, when you get on.
michelle shock. 0 posts
12/9/2004 10:35:00 AM
we're a powerhouse together, mang.
Marvs 0 posts
11/29/2004 11:57:00 PM
yep...but i want more cause i like it...btw did u hear my music? check it out in my band section...let me know!!! later
Marvs 0 posts
11/29/2004 1:43:00 AM
i want hear more songs from u!!!
fuckthisshit 0 posts
11/28/2004 9:21:00 PM
i think if i had a sister she'd look like you. its wierdddddddddddddd
michelle shock. 0 posts
11/14/2004 4:54:00 PM
oh yes. i totally agree. <3 (real) metal girls are hard to come by.
LynZie 0 posts
11/13/2004 6:39:00 PM
hey! sorry just moved outinto my apt and i dont have a computer there yet:( how you been???
be all end all 0 posts
11/12/2004 3:32:00 PM
That sounds awsome. I know alot of people who book decent non bullshit shows, and eventully could probly work something out with my brothers band Mucopus (I do their merch) but yeah them and some other local DM bands. so I will keep in touch if anything comes up. www.mucopus.net www.purevolume.com/mucopus if you want to check them out.
be all end all 0 posts
11/12/2004 3:26:00 PM
Hey, Hollywood Streetwalker sounds pretty damn good you guys should play albany for sure.
JessiSnow 0 posts
11/8/2004 2:56:00 PM
Cool. Will do. I'm not on IM during the day while I'm at work, but otherwise I am. I'll talk to you later. :)
JessiSnow 0 posts
11/8/2004 2:01:00 PM
Yo, I'll definitely improvise with you. You're a little far away, but I'm flexible. Well, I’m not bendy, but I like to drive.

You're pictures are great, by the way.
hollifer 0 posts
11/7/2004 12:09:00 AM
classic beauty....
Cory Monster 0 posts
11/3/2004 3:16:00 PM
which public access channel
( didn't even know that show came on anymore)

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I front a grindcore band [www.myspace.com/hollywoodstreetwalker], I watch and play lots of things, I go to the gym, I spend 24 hours a day with my husband...to sum up; I do cool things.
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