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nicdog123 0 posts
3/28/2014 10:50:00 AM
your so gorgeous, and your dogs look cute too
JasoninPA 0 posts
6/26/2009 9:42:00 AM

nicole 0 posts
11/4/2008 10:49:00 PM
The pic of me and the pups in my profile is pretty recent. It's from the summer at our new house. :)
love_hate_00 0 posts
10/14/2008 1:05:00 PM
Greg T 0 posts
9/29/2008 9:51:00 PM
How are the animals? Watching Boxing is not the same at my house without Shawn and Double Decker!
Greg T 0 posts
9/29/2008 9:50:00 PM
Hello!!! How are you and Shawn?
Barabbas 0 posts
3/26/2008 8:26:00 PM
Nicole- (its kristin)
what is that photo website you and AJ were talking about one time? I cant find the damn conversation..

rumorhasit 0 posts
3/7/2008 10:53:00 PM
We are all doing well! Well that awesome to hear. Our pharmacist at the site I work at is a contractor and makes $150 an hour... I only hope someday that Shawn makes just as much.
Best of luck to you both and those beautiful pups!!
Im sure I'll see you on here from time to time. Don't be a stranger!
rumorhasit 0 posts
3/7/2008 10:44:00 PM
why are you leaving?? did you get a new job? either way, best of luck to you and shawn in your future!! not that I get to see anyone anymore, but I will always remember our vegan dinner in NYC together with Sushi (sean).
I still remember you had the tofu turkey.
wholesaletrash 0 posts
3/4/2008 11:13:00 AM
oh yea, two girls from my class last night said that they had gone there a few times. They said it was awesome but a bit too far for them to travel. I have a group of friends/family interested in joining me so maybe we'll come check you out. Thanks again for the talks, you're ace!
wholesaletrash 0 posts
3/4/2008 11:02:00 AM
where do you teach?
wholesaletrash 0 posts
3/4/2008 10:44:00 AM
my friend's mother has a karate studio in Spring City. she just recently brought in a yoga instructor there. it's a really layed back and relaxing enviroment.

i was also surprised at the wide range of people in the class. it was awesome.
wholesaletrash 0 posts
3/4/2008 10:36:00 AM
oh I loved it! this was a power yoga class so it was a nice workout, which I enjoy. I'm really excited about this swami i discovered in my area though, I'll be trying his class out this Friday morning. His is geared more towards the medetative/ spiritual aspects.

Hopefully with these two classes I'll get a wide range and understanding.
wholesaletrash 0 posts
3/3/2008 4:54:00 PM
i have my first "yoga class" tonight. any pointers?
brian. 0 posts
2/7/2008 11:17:00 PM
Since i don't think Shawn logs in here anymore...can you let him know that Ronnie Woo Woo was on stage in the background during Barack Obama's speech on Super Tuesday? He'd get a kick out of that. Theres a YouTube video of the speech and it's too small to see him, but it was a discussion with several callers on ESPN radio so I'll believe it.

That pinups for pitbulls video was pretty cool. It's good to see that it is doing well and getting some awareness and money for the cause.
Xpsucore09X 0 posts
11/2/2007 2:14:00 AM
thats awesome. Hey if your even in philly and want to try out go vertical, the top roping there is amazing. I get to bring one guest per visit for free.
Xpsucore09X 0 posts
11/1/2007 6:58:00 AM
I did the bouldering competition last weekend at PRG. I climb at Go Vertical in Philly.
JasoninPA 0 posts
8/16/2007 6:44:00 PM
Have physics boy call me.
blackparade07 0 posts
6/30/2007 7:34:00 AM
Captain Ahab 0 posts
6/26/2007 7:43:00 AM
happy birthday
addy 0 posts
6/1/2007 4:11:00 PM
you have very cute dogs
rumorhasit 0 posts
5/16/2007 8:21:00 AM
Hey Nicole,

Where is the yoga studio you teach at? I thought you mentioned West Philly one time..

I would love come out if you have a afternoon session you teach.

Let me know -

P.S. FABULOUS Photos - very awesome.
rumorhasit 0 posts
5/11/2007 3:59:00 PM
Your post about corny made me cry.

I can see how you would miss him.. he was an awesome old fella with problems but you'd never be able to tell because she was always in good spirits.

wallsofpain 0 posts
4/18/2007 2:31:00 PM
undecided youth 0 posts
3/22/2007 9:30:00 PM
You're so smiley.
Eric Paradox 0 posts
1/14/2007 1:14:00 AM
I am bidding on 4 of your records right now, haha.
Jay609 0 posts
1/13/2007 11:36:00 AM
saying hi hope all is well... probly wont be back on here for awhile so.. stay neat.
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
10/9/2006 11:53:00 AM
hey. do you still teach yoga?
Jim Coffee Guy 0 posts
10/9/2006 11:53:00 AM
scumbagkeith 0 posts
10/5/2006 2:06:00 PM
haha how you miss detroit? probably dont miss it at all?
LynZie 0 posts
8/1/2006 7:58:00 PM
OPPS! read your thread
LynZie 0 posts
7/27/2006 11:23:00 AM
do they have any kick boxing classes in KOP that you may have seen while doing yoga, or people have talked about. I found a great place in the city but was looking for somewhere closer, in KOP or pville cause I work crazy hours
6/27/2006 11:42:00 AM
Katie. 0 posts
6/22/2006 5:58:00 PM
Hey sorry to hear about Cornholio, I'm a little late.... but at least he lived a full life with you and wasn't short on love and family.
asdfjasfjas 0 posts
5/10/2006 9:51:00 PM
It's Karma! All for helping out that crusty.
rumorhasit 0 posts
4/3/2006 10:25:00 AM
I have some pictures of Brooklyn up.. thought you would like to see her.

How is everything??
3/11/2006 1:34:00 PM
i dont know if i ever responed to one of the comments you left on a picture in my profile, but i was in Moab, Utah. I went on a week long expedition hiking through the desert, photographing ancient indian artwork/ desert animals / arches national park. it was absolutely incredible.
3/10/2006 2:27:00 PM
i never got to thank you for the great stuff i ordered from ilikeitsalty.

i LOVE my sacred carrot bag, and havent stopped using it since i got it. you're extremely talented!
LynZie 0 posts
3/6/2006 12:16:00 PM
mine wouldnt go up anyways:(
LynZie 0 posts
3/2/2006 1:51:00 PM
thanks for the box spring advice!!
2/21/2006 9:52:00 PM
I can imagine, he is really cute.
2/21/2006 9:50:00 PM
you are a straight up businesswoman. those are really cool.
2/21/2006 8:42:00 AM
you should look into getting those pics of cornholio published somehow. that little dude has some funny expressions.
thisgirldesire 0 posts
1/24/2006 11:44:00 PM
awesome! i'll have to stop by there and check them out! thanks!
thisgirldesire 0 posts
1/24/2006 11:09:00 PM
hey nicole, yoga question: where can i get a yoga mat for relatively cheap? we have a dick's sporting goods in state college or i was looking on amazon, but shipping is insane and on my poor college student's budget...yeah. would they have them at dick's or would you recomend somewhere else? thanks!
arwdan 0 posts
1/9/2006 11:28:00 PM
Hey, I'm doing good! I got a new job and work for a title company. It's pretty rad. What's new with you? I like ilikeitsalty.com!
arwdan 0 posts
1/9/2006 6:27:00 PM
What's up homie? It's been days. Hope you and family are doing well
KingSpade 0 posts
1/4/2006 10:48:00 AM
Hello i like your tats and your doggies
straightxkait 0 posts
1/3/2006 12:03:00 AM
awesome! i'll hit you up when i know what my schedule is like next week!
straightxkait 0 posts
1/2/2006 11:53:00 PM
sounds good...im gonna have to start stretching now so i don't look like a fool when i come to your class! ahah
straightxkait 0 posts
1/2/2006 11:49:00 PM
ahh...well maybe this is the sign that i need to be getting back into taking care of my body. do you teach anywhere else?
by the way, i will totally let you know when i wanna come...i seriously would kill!! i took one yoga class when i was younger at the broadway dance center and it was amazing...so i need to check it out more...
straightxkait 0 posts
1/2/2006 11:40:00 PM
oh wow! that's awesome....i would love to!!! im workin this thursday but maybe next thursday i can do it...i need to get back into things like that...is pilates offered there or is it strictly yoga? i used to dance a TON when i was younger...and now im so out of shape...so i figure this will be better for me anyways since i work retail and need a little something to chill me out after work haah
straightxkait 0 posts
1/2/2006 11:36:00 PM
ahhh that sounds good...i don't know how the boston will be with other dogs..he likes the other one i have but not sure how well he plays with others haah. anyways....where is the yoga studio you go to ? i need to get my fat ass to one ASAP. im turning into jelly.
i work at the kop mall so maybe near there?
straightxkait 0 posts
1/2/2006 11:11:00 PM
hey---im down for that playdate....i live in exton so any time!!! haha. i have a pit bull mix and a boston...they are so fun
Jay609 0 posts
1/2/2006 11:17:00 AM
VEGAN CARROT CAKE!! my job sucks...this summer most def you guys need to come down and hit the beach with yo dogs. you and I wanted the same Ten Yard Fight quote tattoo haha
stokoe 0 posts
1/1/2006 3:23:00 PM
i wish it said jerk store but i had to settle for jerk machine. you take what you can get.
Pollcat 0 posts
12/21/2005 5:05:00 PM
Hatha Yoga was an answer in the crossword puzzle alittle bit ago. I got it right. it made me think of you.
coastal elite 0 posts
12/21/2005 11:40:00 AM
I was looking for a gift idea for someone, and stumbled across this page on a handmade website - it's got a lot of Japanese fabric, in case you wanted something unique for new bags :)

click here for link
a national acrobat 0 posts
12/20/2005 11:18:00 PM
i need to know if there's a website, address, menu, stuff like that, im planning a trip with my lady
a national acrobat 0 posts
12/20/2005 6:13:00 PM
hey i need some info on V2 in new york city, if you could help out that would be awesome
Eugeniusz 0 posts
12/13/2005 12:47:00 PM
hardcore family? :)))
12/12/2005 12:12:00 AM
i was in Moab, Utah.
it was so, so incredible.
Katie. 0 posts
12/6/2005 1:42:00 PM
Maybe I should knit like super furry scarves that way it would hide when I fuck up stitches....
it makes me feel better you do things like this cuz then I dont feel like so much of a geek. If you can pull it off and still be cool then there is hope for me yet.

Maybe if I can get the hang of it everyone will be getting oddly shaped scarves for xmas!
Katie. 0 posts
12/6/2005 1:34:00 PM
Nicole darling.... do you know how to knit? I've decided that I want to learn... but every time I try to make a scarf the thing just keeps getting wider and wider as I go on! I thought I should consult the queen of crafts. <3
death:of:desire 0 posts
11/7/2005 10:57:00 AM
hi nicole,you're very interesting!!!!
and your tatoo is very cool...
Rhino v.s Rottweiler 0 posts
10/19/2005 12:16:00 PM
Nice dogs and rabbits there but sorry the cats will have to go!

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