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im listening to lady in a blue dress right now lol well anyways merry christmas
I love to write poetry and one of my old poems is actually going to be published in an Anthology. I live for music. My friends are family and so are animals. If you abuse animals, I don't think I'd like to get to know you.
I like ALOT of bands but you probably hate all the bands I love. however, I do not give a shit x] -Senses Fail -Hawthorne Heights -Breaking Benjamin -Blonde Redhead -Cursive -Lacuna Coil -Queens of the Stone Age -The Buggles -Duran Duran -Death Cab for Cutie -The Postal Service -Incubus -Garbage -Motion City Soundtrack -Less Than Jake -Oasis -Rilo Kiley -The Faint -Son, Ambulance -Funeral For A Friend -Evergreen Terrace -Children of Bodom -Nine Inch Nails -Marilyn Manson[older] -CKY[older] -Beep Beep -Blood Brothers[only a couple songs. their vocals are annoying. ] chimaria, rob zombie,tom petty, the rasmus, disturbed, 311, in flames, echo, the police, my american heart, shy to december, sublime, static - x, red hot chili peppers, misfits, nirvana, head automatica, vertical herizon,aretha franklin, ray charles, the shirelles, the zombies, journey, the offspring, as i lay dying, evertime i die, from autum to ashes, glassjaw, a flock of seagulls, depeche mode, killswitch engage, hot action cop, rammstein, system of a down, finch, adema, lost prophets, underOATH, metallica, lullacry, flogging molly, shadows fall, heart, steppenwolf, descendents, foo fighters, the cure, saosin, a static lullaby, frou frou, otep, tool, tiger army, teddy pendergrass, the temtations, stevie wonder, sade, pennywise, lifehouse, judas priest, the shins, alice in chains, H.I.M, the sex pistols, WHAM!, eric claption, korn, white zombie, the clash, coldplay, ill nino, mushroomhead, powerman 5000, lamb of god, type o negative, social distortion, morrisey, seether, drowning pool, placebo, motley crue, finger eleven,,the unseen, the dickies, funeral for a friend, Ladytron, electric six, and more and MANY more