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blessing4u2011 0 posts
1/17/2012 7:36:00 AM
Happy New Year!!!

How are you today i hope your doing fine over there, i will like to introduce my self to you, my name is Blessing Tombong, as it is my pleasure to write you after viewing your profile at (stereokiller.com) and i love it which really interest me in having communication/friendship with you if you will have the desire with me, please i will like you to contact me back soon with my email address, ( blessing2004you@yahoo.co.uk ) So that i can give you my pictures for you to know whom i am, please i will tell you more about myself to know each other. Remember colour or distance does not matter, but love matters allot in life!!

Yours new friend Blessing,
MaryMorphine 0 posts
4/1/2008 10:55:00 AM
what're you up to?
sexyemo 0 posts
2/16/2007 3:41:00 PM
hey love ur pro
joey. 0 posts
7/18/2005 2:32:00 AM
i feel bad for your pops, i just got back from mosul in feb. what unit was he with?
badrep101 0 posts
7/6/2005 6:38:00 PM
auww is that a pit bull???
thecrowdwarrior 0 posts
5/25/2005 10:00:00 AM
whats goin on brotha. long time no see
Moss Piglet 0 posts
3/20/2005 9:29:00 PM
Hey, things have been all right. Rough weekend, for the first time in 18 years I was actually grounded. hahaha. It's all good though, I dealt with it. What have you been up to?
Xspirit not deadX 0 posts
3/19/2005 5:59:00 PM
Check out ONE LAST ENEMY on this site. Hit me up let me know what you think.-O.L.E.-610-
***** 0 posts
3/5/2005 12:28:00 PM
yeah well you are
***** 0 posts
3/3/2005 10:23:00 PM
you're hot
jessah03 0 posts
3/3/2005 9:07:00 PM
k. sweet.
jessah03 0 posts
3/3/2005 1:50:00 PM
what are you talking about?
maureen. 0 posts
2/28/2005 3:24:00 PM
Grandy IM me. haha, I have to talk to you about your shows and everything. paisforlovers215.
justin_mondschein 0 posts
2/27/2005 10:58:00 PM
awesome dude, i'll probably be there.
shutthefuckup 0 posts
2/27/2005 4:02:00 PM
born in 1969 that's whats up nikkah!
chrisssttina 0 posts
2/27/2005 3:56:00 PM
word. ha sup
shutthefuckup 0 posts
2/27/2005 2:01:00 PM
yoo you shoulda gone but porn is good!
cbrickhouse 0 posts
2/27/2005 10:40:00 AM
double vaginas? what the fuck was i smokin.
maureen. 0 posts
2/20/2005 8:11:00 PM
No problem at all. We love have you guys play, always welcome to come back. You guys would have fit perfectly on March 11th but since you guys have played all of our shows.. haha, we decided to give you kids a break.
maureen. 0 posts
2/19/2005 5:54:00 PM
Hey thanks for apologizing to Lynn last night. haha, she said you were really nice about it and she has nothing at all against you guys, and you're more than welcome to be there.
thecrowdwarrior 0 posts
2/18/2005 10:25:00 AM
HAHAHAHAHA what the fuck does that mean
thecrowdwarrior 0 posts
2/17/2005 10:05:00 AM
fight me
goner. 0 posts
2/14/2005 5:55:00 PM
whos playin
goner. 0 posts
2/14/2005 4:58:00 PM
why diudnt you sing saturday god damnit first show i go to in months and you dont show what a load of crap!
Dreamingof<3? 0 posts
2/14/2005 4:06:00 PM
ur welcome.. anytime..
Dreamingof<3? 0 posts
2/14/2005 4:04:00 PM
hey u have a really cute doggie!! and he/she has a really cool name hehe
eric lfd 0 posts
1/26/2005 1:20:00 PM
schmoorgas mcboorgenstein
suicide romance 0 posts
1/22/2005 11:06:00 AM
n one ever said i was
suicide romance 0 posts
1/21/2005 9:16:00 PM
ur cute
Moss Piglet 0 posts
1/17/2005 2:25:00 AM
Better than usual. Goodnight, and if you go to the set ablaze show in royersford this weekend, maybe I will see you there.
Moss Piglet 0 posts
1/17/2005 2:23:00 AM
damn straight. I drank a 32oz tonight actually, way earlier. So I'm ready to pass the fuggout. How have you been?
eric lfd 0 posts
1/10/2005 12:22:00 PM
you too on both counts homie!
PrettyBulletxx 0 posts
1/9/2005 2:44:00 AM
Half Asian. I'm laotion mixed with Irish. Why?
ItsJustMe 0 posts
1/7/2005 12:37:00 AM
If u look in my profile my chocalate was the runt too
ItsJustMe 0 posts
1/7/2005 12:35:00 AM
Cool one of mine is a mix and the other an american pit bull terrier, but one of the dogs in his lines is actually a staffy.
ItsJustMe 0 posts
1/7/2005 12:30:00 AM
ItsJustMe 0 posts
1/7/2005 12:29:00 AM
Is ur dog a pit Mix, or a full pit? Very Very cute
Fucking Massacre 0 posts
1/6/2005 7:09:00 PM
January 18th @ The Crowbar(State College PA www.crowbarlivemusic.com)
Hawthorne Heights
Number One Fan
The Black Maria
10$ Doors @ 8
brutifulX 0 posts
1/4/2005 9:38:00 PM
i don't think you get the "gorey" pictures in my birthday thread. oh well, be ignorant...
Blakeslee 0 posts
1/2/2005 10:26:00 AM
aww. that sucks.
crueler 0 posts
1/2/2005 12:53:00 AM
well, what can i say....
Moss Piglet 0 posts
12/29/2004 7:11:00 PM
I hear you man, I just don't know what to do with myself.
12/27/2004 11:00:00 PM
awe thank you! :)
At A Medium Pace 0 posts
12/27/2004 12:58:00 PM
i seriously will, do you live near allentown at all? haha <33
12/27/2004 12:12:00 PM
your dogs adorable!
At A Medium Pace 0 posts
12/25/2004 11:29:00 PM
hi <33
Moss Piglet 0 posts
12/22/2004 1:09:00 AM
Haha. They'll understand. They'll have to!
Moss Piglet 0 posts
12/21/2004 7:14:00 PM
I would love to, so I'll try my darndest.
Moss Piglet 0 posts
12/20/2004 11:35:00 PM
Haha. It's a damn shame.
justin_mondschein 0 posts
12/10/2004 11:38:00 PM
hot shit tonight dude.
MiaWallace 0 posts
12/6/2004 7:08:00 PM
what kind of dog do you have???he is amazing.. and he also have a good name!
Moss Piglet 0 posts
12/6/2004 1:36:00 AM
I've been pretty good. I'll be in Harrisburg this weekend, but I MIGHT be able to make it to your show. I hope so. Thanks for letting me know.
Hallowedbthyname 0 posts
12/2/2004 11:20:00 PM
I like it, old school REAL hardcore...thank you! Finally! haha.
Hallowedbthyname 0 posts
12/2/2004 11:18:00 PM
Thanks man, definitely, in fact we are going on tour with a hardcore band 13 ritual this summer. We are accustomed to playing hardcore shows man.
Hallowedbthyname 0 posts
12/2/2004 10:56:00 PM
Really? Nice...
Zero_Gate_Way 0 posts
12/1/2004 10:03:00 PM
hey baby
tiemyshoes 0 posts
11/28/2004 10:11:00 PM
aww thank you <33
570BeatdownBITCH 0 posts
11/28/2004 11:09:00 AM
Yo you have a n8ice ass bandlist strength for a reason fucking ROCKS !! 570~
tiemyshoes 0 posts
11/27/2004 9:08:00 PM
how old do i look then?
Moss Piglet 0 posts
11/22/2004 12:43:00 AM
Thanks :D
Moss Piglet 0 posts
11/22/2004 12:11:00 AM
Through my eyes you are, no bullshit.
Moss Piglet 0 posts
11/21/2004 5:51:00 PM
I would have, but I didn't think you'd recognize me. I was checking you out all night though. Haha. You're welcome too, I was glad to be the 8th person in the door.
Moss Piglet 0 posts
11/20/2004 11:21:00 PM
I was impressed with you and your band tonight.
BEuTyHuRtZ 0 posts
11/9/2004 4:50:00 PM
hey cutie u look like a fun person whats up
coastal elite 0 posts
11/8/2004 1:17:00 AM
Aww. Your dog is so cute, but I'm sure people tell you that all of the time. I love dogs.
SkyCameFalling 0 posts
11/7/2004 3:44:00 PM
Ok you fuckin Hick


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