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11/16/2005 3:07:00 PM
Hey there old pal
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9/30/2005 12:19:00 PM
hah, ha.....hey u hows it goin? hows life been treatin ya? it has been a long time hasn't it?
i've been doin good I suppose, u know how it goes. just trying to stay busy and all. everythings been ok though, except that i sprang my ankle pretty bad a few weeks ago. hadnt been able to practice untill now. it really fuckin sucked. anyhow, im much better now. wow, im really glad i got to hear from ya. sorry it took me a while to get back, i hardly ever log on here. guess i need to everything now and then.
Well, in be in and out of here so write when u can. I really hope ur doin ok.
Take care and keep in touch. -V
Zaremba WCS 0 posts
9/29/2005 12:31:00 PM
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9/28/2005 1:21:00 PM
it FUCKIN SUCKS so many people are starting shit this year already.. its bullshit.. im sick of it already..
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9/26/2005 4:00:00 PM
so where is green county
Dreamingof<3? 0 posts
9/26/2005 1:36:00 PM
awe thnx well i think u should come to the game this friday its homecoming and im pretty sure ill be there.. so yeah guess ill see u then.. peace out..

<3 jaymee

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8/26/2005 8:03:00 PM
not too much just listening to CKY, you?
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8/24/2005 5:05:00 PM
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8/6/2005 3:27:00 AM
TONYA!! i haven't talked to you in forever message when you get on have you talked to jim latley i think he like fell in a hole or something because i haven't taled to him in a long time, later
NeverAnything 0 posts
7/12/2005 11:43:00 PM
Hello, I know your sister.
FuckYouStandingStill 0 posts
6/16/2005 11:23:00 PM
woo! go jimmy and tyler. ha
Tonight is red 0 posts
6/11/2005 12:56:00 PM
hey guess wat im moving to mapeltown
Tonight is red 0 posts
6/6/2005 6:29:00 PM
hey you never called i,m really mad god cry cry cry j/k message me back
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
5/19/2005 11:09:00 PM
HEY CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
5/17/2005 10:03:00 PM
sexy give me a call at my house sometime, i miss ur voice
XoXBabiiBitch69XoX 0 posts
5/16/2005 9:20:00 AM
Hey hun I am sorry I have not been on the comp I have been hanging out with my bf sorry. I will total be on later tonight and if you are on I will im you hun. Hope to chat with you later. Mauh....<333 Jess
LookRightThroughMe 0 posts
5/15/2005 11:31:00 PM
hey what's up? cool pics, what kind of music are you into?
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5/13/2005 2:53:00 PM
aw thanks! u are too
XoXBabiiBitch69XoX 0 posts
5/13/2005 9:33:00 AM
Hey sexy what is up? Nothing much here just sitting in school pretty fucking board. Too bad you where not on the comp so we can talk maybe later tonight you will me on the comp so we can talk on aim. Well hope you have a good day and we should total meet up somtime sexy. <33 Jess
**kate** 0 posts
5/13/2005 8:27:00 AM
im fine...what happened to calling?

oh hey, im gonna be having a party here in the next few weeks....*girls only*....*wink* want to come?
rondine 0 posts
5/12/2005 10:17:00 AM
thanks! =) but your hair is not so different from mine... do you have any tatoos?
XoXBabiiBitch69XoX 0 posts
5/12/2005 8:33:00 AM
Yes I am being really serious. I would total do shit with you too *hah* you are hot as hell. I saw you on aim 2 days ago and you got off really fast so I really wanted to talk to you but maybe tonight you will be on so we can talk on there. We should total make plans to hang out or something hun. Hope to talk to you later <3333 Jess
**kate** 0 posts
5/11/2005 9:26:00 AM
hey babe, ive got pics...woohoo
XoXBabiiBitch69XoX 0 posts
5/10/2005 9:07:00 PM
hey hun I will total im you on aol somtime my screen name on there is SugaFlySoSexy so hit me up whenever you see me on there. Yes too your last thing you asked me but I never did anything but want too. <3 Jess
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5/10/2005 1:36:00 PM
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5/10/2005 1:30:00 PM
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5/10/2005 10:43:00 AM
sick? holy cow, are you ok? last time i talked to you, you were sick too...youre not starving yourself are you?...please dont do that...:(

um..so, 18 huh? i bet thats fun....i thought you were younger for some reason...,aybe its jsut cause youre so small and extrememly cute :P

so, um, im glad to hear back from you...lets me know youre still alive...

im still waiting for that phone call...
XoXBabiiBitch69XoX 0 posts
5/10/2005 8:31:00 AM
Well thank you hun. You have really nice pics too. Hope to talk to you again. <3 Jess
**kate** 0 posts
5/9/2005 10:49:00 AM
hey babe...youve been missing for awhile..run away again?
drop me a message when you get on:P
XoXBabiiBitch69XoX 0 posts
5/9/2005 10:38:00 AM
You are very welcome. I like your eyes a lot I wish I had nice eyes like yours *lol*. Jess
**kate** 0 posts
5/5/2005 10:43:00 AM
HOOKER!....hey, how have you been?
XoXBabiiBitch69XoX 0 posts
5/5/2005 10:25:00 AM
Hey I was just checking out your profile and I just want to say you are a pretty good looking chick. Jess
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
5/4/2005 10:04:00 PM
its ok
u get better
ill just talk to u later
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
5/3/2005 11:41:00 AM
VAisforlovers 0 posts
5/3/2005 10:06:00 AM
your hair is hott
urfavoritehooker 0 posts
5/2/2005 3:11:00 PM
blah im sick! :(
**kate** 0 posts
5/2/2005 10:14:00 AM
hey, where are you? havent seen you on in a long time!~ holler at me sometime
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
5/2/2005 9:51:00 AM
hey baby, how are u doing????
her~memories~bleed 0 posts
4/29/2005 3:51:00 PM
hey doll, hows it goin? just wanted to say hi.
hope all is goin good over there.
well, write when u can & take care.
miss ya much,
4/28/2005 10:19:00 PM
When do I get MY phone call? Tell your mom you're not a kid anymore; it's legal. I don't care what the old, retired people in Greenesboro think! Let 'em gossip. Tell your mom I said, "blow!"

...No, don't. She might cut off my balls. Love you.
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
4/28/2005 5:28:00 PM
u better call me back
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
4/28/2005 9:37:00 AM
i got ur call, but i didnt call u back because i forgot the number

ps:u have a SEXY voice
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
4/27/2005 11:52:00 AM
i miss u 2, and i wanna see you
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
4/27/2005 9:02:00 AM
hey babe
Kelly = Stupid 0 posts
4/24/2005 1:23:00 PM
Thats cool. My boyfriend lives in the Mapletown area. I just stopped going to the school though so im not to sure that you would know him. So what else is going on?
Dreamingof<3? 0 posts
4/23/2005 9:15:00 PM
oh ok.. well just hit me up.. with all the info..
4/23/2005 4:39:00 AM
Hello, Babycakes. Feel better soon so we can go play. I love you, dearly!
Dreamingof<3? 0 posts
4/21/2005 3:17:00 PM
im good.. lifes good. umm i heard u are up here whats that about?...
**kate** 0 posts
4/21/2005 12:21:00 PM
hey, give me a call sometime tonight...i miss talking to yah!...i dont have long distance or id just call you, yah know?
**kate** 0 posts
4/21/2005 12:05:00 PM
who are the two guys kissing?
**kate** 0 posts
4/21/2005 12:04:00 PM
*hugs* all the love back to yah! <3
her~memories~bleed 0 posts
4/21/2005 11:57:00 AM
oooohhhhhhhh, lovely pic i must say........<3
At A Medium Pace 0 posts
4/21/2005 11:32:00 AM
yea isnt it near pittsburgh?
**kate** 0 posts
4/21/2005 10:46:00 AM
im absolutely fine!
Zaremba WCS 0 posts
4/21/2005 10:35:00 AM
thank you!

At A Medium Pace 0 posts
4/21/2005 10:26:00 AM
lol! well dorney park is in allentown, if you've ever heard of that place <3 hmm, i don't really think we have anything else around here that is major and well known. pennsylvania is pretty much the same everywhere
Kelly = Stupid 0 posts
4/21/2005 8:22:00 AM
hey. Are you back in Pennsylvania again?
4/21/2005 4:05:00 AM
Don't ever forget that there will always be a O* in reserve for you. Love you.
At A Medium Pace 0 posts
4/20/2005 10:22:00 AM
ever hear of allentown? i live around 15 minutes from there. thats the best way i can describe it.
STORYbookENDING 0 posts
4/20/2005 10:14:00 AM
coool pics i like ur hair
At A Medium Pace 0 posts
4/19/2005 11:44:00 AM
heeeeey HAWTY! what exactly is green county near? because we should hangout, i need some awesome female friends
a7xchick 0 posts
4/18/2005 10:34:00 PM
thanx, and yea nice pics!
Bats and Mice 0 posts
4/18/2005 9:47:00 PM
ne time tehe
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
4/18/2005 9:43:00 PM
good god damnit
heykidgo_overthere 0 posts
4/18/2005 4:51:00 PM
hahahah, u need to call me again, it was great
THINKxFAST! 0 posts
4/18/2005 11:31:00 AM
i'm not bad, how are you?
whats new? anything...
hahahaha im too gansta for this site!!! hahaha thats funny shit!!! wooooooooo!!!! ya wanna know somthing about me then just ask that would be the smart thing to do !! hahahaha