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c427smlblk 0 posts
11/30/2005 8:51:00 AM
i hope youre ok after that accident!
tanya ren'ee 0 posts
11/22/2005 9:59:00 AM
nice, im gonna go there.

have a nice day cuz im peacin out of this library.
tanya ren'ee 0 posts
11/22/2005 9:52:00 AM
hahaha doppppeee. elmwood park high school :-( , i got like 30 days left here then im gooonnnnnnnneee . what school you at
tanya ren'ee 0 posts
11/22/2005 9:31:00 AM
nothin much boiiiii, chillin at school:-( . i'm like an office aide right now but i never go there, so i'm always in the library. talk about lammeeee... im supah bored, and i can't drink in here, so everytime the librarian goes away i like take fast sips of my ....powerade....it's blue and it's good. like i said im supah bored so im rambling on. whats good with you?
tanya ren'ee 0 posts
11/22/2005 9:14:00 AM
schnozberry 0 posts
8/13/2005 1:41:00 AM
Hey, I looked at your photo gallery, and I saw the photo "glass" and it took me a while, (I had to focus or something) but that's a really pretty pipe.
coastal elite 0 posts
7/1/2005 8:15:00 PM
Sounds solid! Then again, I'm going to look at a new car this week, so who knows! Maybe an AC-ified car will be in my hands.
coastal elite 0 posts
6/30/2005 9:54:00 PM
Hahaha, good job. I'm all about going up with you, however I might suggest we take your whip, because mine lacks AC, unless of course I have my new car by then, which could very well rule.
coastal elite 0 posts
6/30/2005 8:39:00 PM
Dude, you know? Best band on Spook City, for sure. They're playing Pittsburgh in August, and I reaaaallllllly want to go, but I reallllllly don't want to go by myself. I'm pissed, 'cos that's the only east coast show they're playing, and it's practically in the midwest, haha.
coastal elite 0 posts
6/30/2005 8:34:00 PM
Word. I'd probably be at that Turmoil show if it was three months ago... I haven't really been listening to heavy hardcore much lately. I've been all about the faster youthier stuff.
coastal elite 0 posts
6/30/2005 8:23:00 PM
Haha, woooord. Where is that Turmoil jawn anyway? Baltimore also?
coastal elite 0 posts
6/29/2005 2:43:00 PM
The second is Lights Out/ Iron Age/ Sinking Ships/ Bitter End/ Shook Ones at the Sidebar. If I miss that I'll kick myself, plus I'm crushing on the bassist of Bitter End
coastal elite 0 posts
6/29/2005 3:39:00 AM
Dude, for sure! Are you going to Blacklisted/Ten Crowns tomorrow up in H-burg?
GoodTimesGone 0 posts
6/26/2005 8:14:00 PM
awesome, i'm going to be playing later tonight after i wrap up some time on battlefield 2. i'll send you the ip of the server i always play in on AIM before i start playing.
goonie goo goo 0 posts
6/26/2005 7:05:00 PM
thank you
AskMeWhyICry 0 posts
6/23/2005 9:54:00 PM
Sup Boo?
<3 Sami Sue
Vinchinzo 0 posts
5/10/2005 11:07:00 PM


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that'd take way too much time. hit me up with an im and ask away.
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