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7/17/2009 6:35:00 PM
hey man, long fuckin time. i'm still in fl, programming .net shit. i have been keepin an eye on rtcw2. i'll definitely get it. good to hear from you. i'll stop by the old irc and see if i can find ya.
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9/21/2006 7:33:00 AM
happy birthday dude
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4/5/2006 9:11:00 AM
what's goin on dude? i moved to floriduh. weeeee... no more lan center (aka money pit). was fun while it lasted.

what's new in the burgh?
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8/6/2005 11:43:00 AM

loins = buttered.

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7/13/2005 1:41:00 PM
awwe your cute
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6/27/2005 11:51:00 PM
what's up homozoid
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6/18/2005 11:52:00 AM
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6/1/2005 9:58:00 PM
oh noes!!!

what irc channel you in? playin rtcw? css???? tossin salads?
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4/4/2005 7:09:00 PM
Yeah I'm a big reader of the 40k books, cant get enough of them acctually.
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11/20/2004 5:18:00 PM
Saturday November 27 @7:00 $7
@ Charleroi VFW
609 McKean Ave
Charleroi, PA(25min south of Pittsburgh)

Lift the Curse
Texas Funeral
Suffer the Fate
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10/4/2004 6:54:00 AM
oi oi oi.
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8/21/2004 1:00:00 PM
Norris green/west derby village Yeah i guess i am lucky but i still kinda miss it
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8/21/2004 12:59:00 PM
were in liverpool are u from? i live in ormskirk .your lucky you got out hehe
yog sothoth 0 posts
8/21/2004 12:52:00 PM
liverpool is still a shithole your not missing much its no capitol of culture
Limey 0 posts
8/21/2004 12:33:00 PM
boog 0 posts
8/6/2004 1:34:00 PM
oh my god hi guy!
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8/6/2004 7:09:00 AM
i want your cats :-) theyre so cute


by Limey on 6/9/2005 5:20:00 PM
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