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Klaxton stared as the cube began it's rotation. "You're really not going to tell me what you saw there, are you?" he asked. Klaxton was not looking forward to answering. He was only half listening, as he was still scanning the surface of the cube for other things. "No." Klaxton said. "The object seems to be a sphere of some kind. A bit like a...uh...well...well...cube. Like a cube. And if you can get close enough you can see a very thin layer of metal...it looks like metal but it's very very thin. Not a speck of metal in an area of about ten square meters. But if you can get the right angle you can see...something." Klaxton continued scanning the surface. "You can actually see through the metal...like it's not even there." Klaxton's voice was quiet.
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Hose cone

Password will be given to FNP

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Lonely post Saturday

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Leviton - Silent rotational cube of time

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Final ongoing thread

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