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7/26/2005 6:33:00 AM
hey i haven't been on sk for about 6 months now. I just came on tonight, and I really really like this pic I think bow ties are very neat expecially on women. I really, really like this picture. :-)

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5/6/2005 7:21:00 AM
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5/3/2005 10:18:00 AM
yo yo yo.
lake effect 0 posts
4/28/2005 10:20:00 PM
you look like one of the olsen triplets
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4/24/2005 10:11:00 PM
this is the second comment from me to you today. i just remembered your name is laura. lol. i told you i 4get schtuff. well, anyhow, i witnessed an accident today on the way back to toledo. i pulled over to help. there was a man driving and his 30-year-old wife. she was a asleep when they spun out, hit the side of a semi head-on, then back across traffic into the wall. they were ok, but their new durango was trashed. the woman's name was laura too. she has 3 children. thought i should say......hey, why nawt? have a goo won
sweetemoshun 0 posts
4/24/2005 10:03:00 PM
haha, i saw you peepin my profile "in your sleep" lol. the net tends to draw us away from EVERYTHING! especially important things. have a good sleep if you get to it. hehe. peace
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4/18/2005 11:05:00 AM
awesome, the science museum rocks and so do flowers.
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4/13/2005 3:04:00 PM
WoW... hello there!!
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4/12/2005 1:55:00 PM
hahaha. i'm totally not safe!!! i'll eat your flesh! rawr! or....meow? i'm more of a "meow" kinda guy. don't worry about the safe thing. i'm not a stalker. i've only gotten in 1 physical fight in my life. i live in toledo, miles away. not a cannibal. can't dance. enjoy stagg chili. wait......
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4/11/2005 11:48:00 AM
hey guess what.....
well i'm planning on going on a road trip this summer.
once to maryland, and the other to this girl named laura. i think you know her! give me a call!
sweetemoshun 0 posts
4/5/2005 1:58:00 PM
hehe, i just looked at your pix
you seem to be fun
you've got a versatile look to ya

here's something that will make you laugh: (it's safe i promise or you can cut off my hands and feed them to a cardinal)


(there's a sequal too>>>>>>this is you too<<<<<
sweetemoshun 0 posts
4/5/2005 1:52:00 PM
well well well laura
so we have things in common
yee haw!
ok, we can be friends

do you know jami kocis or maybe even dave kocis?
my dad grew up with theirs and i dated jami for a while

mmkay, i added your s/n on aim
have a gurrraate day
THINKxFAST! 0 posts
4/1/2005 11:26:00 AM
okay. i'll call you more often
sweetemoshun 0 posts
3/29/2005 8:04:00 PM
lol, some guy asked where chardon is...

i'm from wickliffe
but reside in toledo
maybe florida this august
i noticed madison east was a fav. band of yours
yay, did u get the album?
do you know any of the guys?
I went to school w/Terry and church with Jeremy (for a while)
THINKxFAST! 0 posts
3/29/2005 11:28:00 AM
never got a call missy....
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3/28/2005 4:24:00 PM
im Richie, the pleasure is all mine
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3/24/2005 6:01:00 PM
would that be Chardon, OH?
THINKxFAST! 0 posts
3/7/2005 11:38:00 AM
i will call you. but you need to call me as well. :(
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3/6/2005 6:57:00 PM
You are Perty... =)

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3/3/2005 11:48:00 AM
i miss you<3
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2/26/2005 1:08:00 AM
where is chardon
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2/25/2005 2:56:00 PM
you look like the lost olsen twin
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2/22/2005 4:31:00 PM
oh dear. well, i have been fine.
THINKxFAST! 0 posts
2/11/2005 12:00:00 PM
you are so freakin adorable. hahaha
I miss you

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2/10/2005 7:46:00 AM
nice new pictures
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2/2/2005 10:13:00 AM
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2/1/2005 7:38:00 PM
prettyful <3
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2/1/2005 5:30:00 PM
yeah, i suppose.......
just keepin myself occupied as usual
&, keepin clean i guess...hah
the weather sux though, i hate it when it's
cold & rainy.................. worst time ever!
so, what have u been up 2 hun??
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1/31/2005 2:55:00 PM
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1/25/2005 6:38:00 PM
awe thanks
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1/24/2005 3:59:00 PM
i really like your hair!!
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1/13/2005 12:27:00 PM
have ya found germany on a map?
skaferlatine 0 posts
1/12/2005 10:59:00 AM
hi ya youre okay?

my famous movistart*g#+
Cannibal King 0 posts
1/10/2005 10:27:00 PM
yes, i agree. break was glorious.
Cannibal King 0 posts
1/9/2005 5:45:00 PM
sorry i haven't check my shit in a while. my holidays were fun. how were yours? keep it real. nick
her~memories~bleed 0 posts
1/3/2005 3:45:00 PM
hi there, hope all is well.
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12/30/2004 12:21:00 PM
that's what someone guitly would say
neverturnyourback 0 posts
12/30/2004 1:31:00 AM
why do you look so innocent
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12/25/2004 9:55:00 PM
yup, i like their music also, not just the performance. funny enhanced shit on their first demo. I think it's also on the newest album too.
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12/25/2004 1:12:00 AM
story of the year puts on an amazing live show. one of the best i've ever seen actually. bunch of energetic dudes.
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12/22/2004 12:59:00 PM
haha sounds good
NATE NGC 0 posts
12/21/2004 10:00:00 PM
NATE NGC 0 posts
12/21/2004 9:42:00 PM
may name is nate,whats yours haha, you coudl IM me if ya want
NATE NGC 0 posts
12/21/2004 5:50:00 PM
ehh not really haha
NATE NGC 0 posts
12/21/2004 1:39:00 PM
where's chardon
NATE NGC 0 posts
12/20/2004 2:22:00 PM
thank you
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12/20/2004 1:06:00 AM
80s american culture sucked...its like what would u do on a weekend in the 80s being a teen, "oh me and july are gona go out and see robocop" i mean what the fuck?
NATE NGC 0 posts
12/19/2004 9:28:00 PM
handsome<3 haha
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12/19/2004 9:25:00 PM
JunctionDriveBy 0 posts
12/19/2004 8:37:00 PM
nofx. do you know where i can download some of their music from?
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12/17/2004 1:45:00 PM
hey there beautiful , IM me sometime ;)
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/16/2004 8:16:00 PM
u things are good are things good for u?
Bats and Mice 0 posts
12/15/2004 7:52:00 PM
JunctionDriveBy 0 posts
12/15/2004 7:51:00 PM
I'm the one that made the catch. I spent 4 months obsessing (not in the bad way) over something I couldn't have, before braking up with my ex to go out with her.
JunctionDriveBy 0 posts
12/15/2004 6:08:00 PM
What's there to be jealous about?
her~memories~bleed 0 posts
12/15/2004 10:41:00 AM
hey doll, just thought id say hi.....take care,
JunctionDriveBy 0 posts
12/13/2004 10:47:00 PM
you have lush lips if you don't mind me sayin :)
THINKxFAST! 0 posts
12/13/2004 2:47:00 PM
i take it you got my voice mail?
sideshow420 0 posts
12/12/2004 10:00:00 PM
u b a qt
PoliceJon,PoliceRed 0 posts
11/30/2004 12:30:00 PM
yes...i remember...i will talk to you on aim if i'm ever on...
Phoenix 0 posts
11/29/2004 12:32:00 AM
nice pics
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11/16/2004 4:30:00 PM
Cannibal King 0 posts
11/14/2004 12:56:00 PM
my band, alabamarama, won the battle of the bands, and we are going to be lining up more shows here pretty soon. we might play with nodes when they come up from sioux falls, that would be fun. but that is all i have, i just wanted to let you here the good news. later
her~memories~bleed 0 posts
11/10/2004 4:14:00 PM
sexy superstar,
Cannibal King 0 posts
11/10/2004 3:58:00 PM
the next part is good, but i don't wish your body would be broken with every breath so i won't sing it. ;)
Cannibal King 0 posts
11/10/2004 10:48:00 AM
But there's a light on in chicago
and I know I should be home
all the colors of the street signs...they remind me of the pickup truck
out in front of your neighbor's house
story of the year is amazing, re-runs of full house, stars, going to the beach, flying kites, going to concerts, making cookies, sweat pants, tight t-shirts, breakfast food, going out to dinner, dancing, carrot cake, listening to music, dancing in the rain, belts and necklaces, toe rings, guys with lip rings, sandles, hooker boots, white teeth, watching re-runs of saved by the bell, amusement parks, roller coasters, bowling, roller skating, steak-n-shake, movies, Aladin, Wedding singer, long drives, hot summer days, dirty dancing, tango lessons, star bucks frapp's, stars,
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