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Carlo_HC 0 posts
10/23/2020 7:12:06 PM
i can't complain. apparently in my region there will be a new lockdown from 9 pm to idklol but it's not sure yet. how about you?
Carlo_HC 0 posts
9/22/2020 4:41:42 AM
andale muchacho
Dianana 0 posts
3/25/2016 2:32:00 PM
lmao true

Carlo_HC 0 posts
3/24/2016 8:52:00 AM
we've lost most of the members here, glad you're back, man.
Carlo_HC 0 posts
3/23/2016 6:13:00 PM
turning heel 0 posts
1/27/2014 11:57:00 PM
Carlo_HC 0 posts
7/19/2013 11:04:00 AM
dreadful 0 posts
6/17/2013 4:59:00 AM
Check out our band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpfN7JPzsbU

We hope you like our music! We are trying to get listeners from all over the world. Stay cool and greetings from Finland!
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TheOtherGodhead 0 posts
4/11/2013 11:07:00 PM
Thanks dude.
Carlo_HC 0 posts
3/7/2013 4:44:00 AM
happy birthday, mr. birthday sex!
XxAllThat RemainsxX 0 posts
5/21/2012 9:14:00 AM
Oh. Okay. I'm not his birth child, though.
XxAllThat RemainsxX 0 posts
5/10/2012 12:55:00 PM
I'm a coupon.
Carlo_HC 0 posts
3/7/2012 5:59:00 AM
happy birthday man, have a great one!
ass nipples 0 posts
9/25/2011 9:16:00 PM
good shit on friday
fuckin hell yeah!! 0 posts
9/13/2011 7:27:00 PM
will you be my life coach. i will pay you in shitposts
fuckin hell yeah!! 0 posts
9/13/2011 7:21:00 PM
jeremy shafter
Jeremy_Shaffer 0 posts
8/10/2011 7:11:00 PM
You me = the wiggiest slamz that ever slammed
Captain Ahab 0 posts
4/27/2011 3:45:00 PM
hahahaha wtf?
Dave B. 0 posts
3/7/2011 6:33:00 PM
Happy Birthday!
Carlo_HC 0 posts
3/7/2011 4:48:00 AM
happy b-day!
megharp 0 posts
2/5/2011 12:33:00 AM
did you die?
Brett Weir 0 posts
12/7/2010 3:40:00 AM
i never knew trolling could be so fun
Sabotage 0 posts
9/2/2010 4:21:00 PM
Haha.. I know now..
jackie_inshambles 0 posts
8/18/2010 10:19:00 PM
yeah im gonna be doing landscaping and shit so i can have some merch money. by the time of the show i will be buff AND tan. hahha
jackie_inshambles 0 posts
8/18/2010 10:03:00 PM
hey guess what? I got a ride to that show. and a backup ride in case someone bails. I didnt know bane was playing too! see ya there!
addy 0 posts
8/18/2010 4:30:00 PM
Holla at me and tell me what you think about that album whenever you gat a chance. Just curious.
raedaniel 0 posts
8/2/2010 10:01:00 PM
awesome, good to know!
raedaniel 0 posts
8/2/2010 9:57:00 PM
right, i'll make sure i make it 3x a day to 2! Just for you.
Maybe I'll even stop smoking, and drinking coffee!
raedaniel 0 posts
8/2/2010 9:53:00 PM
hahaha i'm ugly remember.
Strange Dong 0 posts
7/24/2010 10:15:00 AM
vfr666 0 posts
7/14/2010 2:20:00 PM
addy 0 posts
6/23/2010 2:52:00 PM
Thanks homie.
Strange Dong 0 posts
6/21/2010 11:38:00 AM
Strange Dong 0 posts
6/17/2010 7:58:00 PM
PH1L 0 posts
6/15/2010 2:11:00 PM
thanks...will do
addy 0 posts
6/8/2010 10:36:00 PM
oh haha. I misread that shit completely.
addy 0 posts
6/8/2010 9:53:00 PM
yeah my car is being a complete and total piece of shit lately. Also trying to find a new place so I have to save some cash. How was it? I'm sure it fucking ripped.
Dave B. 0 posts
6/7/2010 1:58:00 AM
Thanks dude.
filmfreak 0 posts
6/6/2010 8:07:00 AM
im a film student at uncsa its my boyfriend and I, were leaving thursday early morning if you want to join just chip in for gas money and you have a ride, ill put up a picture soon so you know what i look like and give you my number if your considering joining.
filmfreak 0 posts
6/4/2010 6:25:00 PM
need a ride to broo i live in winston
Strange Dong 0 posts
6/1/2010 11:46:00 PM
get high, set yourself on fire
addy 0 posts
5/25/2010 11:18:00 AM
Going to try to head out at least for the Coliseum show. I would love to see Ken Mode as well but don't think its going to happen. I need to throw some shows up there for shits and giggles when I have the chance.
ATWA 0 posts
5/20/2010 9:36:00 AM
i have serious business to attend to this week but next time im up there for a minute ill hit you up for sure man.
ATWA 0 posts
5/20/2010 2:22:00 AM
yea i know that area well. my dad grew up off ransom road right next to reynolda and that whole side of my family are still all in and around winston. ive thought about moving back up there after i finish school, i love it up there.
ATWA 0 posts
5/19/2010 9:41:00 PM
what part of winston are you in? i lived in east bend for awhile as a kid, actually going to yadkinville friday
Seeinsparklesyet?! 0 posts
5/10/2010 5:38:00 PM
thats where this conversation was heading. there are almost no shows in this area. wilmington has a few everyonce in awhile but there mostly out of town bands.
Seeinsparklesyet?! 0 posts
5/10/2010 5:33:00 PM
ah. i'm in jacksonville.
Seeinsparklesyet?! 0 posts
5/10/2010 5:26:00 PM
where in NC are you?
Dave B. 0 posts
5/2/2010 11:07:00 PM
all day nigggggaaaaa!!!
Dave B. 0 posts
2/24/2010 6:56:00 PM
make it rain on them hoes
Dave B. 0 posts
2/24/2010 6:42:00 PM
nigga please

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