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2/13/2011 3:48:00 PM
You should totally like us on Facebook because we're coming out with an EP this month. :) Hit us up, it'll be free! - Vacancy

click here for link
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3/31/2010 10:42:00 AM
whoa weird, that is fucked up. Do you and Bill want to come over for dinner on Saturday night?
Yodel Toast 0 posts
1/8/2010 2:32:00 PM
hi! I want to see you! come over and see our new place! how you been? call me 484 818 3106
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9/6/2009 10:27:00 PM
i have a giant erection!!!
Yodel Toast 0 posts
7/9/2009 10:59:00 AM
Hi Michelle!!
THE WAY 0 posts
7/9/2009 12:21:00 AM
what a loser
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7/8/2009 11:31:00 PM
fart in your mouth
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