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12/20/2009 10:16:00 AM
we are making new songs for second full length.next year we'll play with earth crisis.
unleashed216 0 posts
11/26/2009 6:37:00 PM
how are you doing?
proXXXimity 0 posts
10/7/2008 5:21:00 PM
jaja altijd wel bonne sfeer bij ons.. waar gade dan meestal?
proXXXimity 0 posts
10/7/2008 4:26:00 PM
aah ene van over de grens se! :D alles bon?
emma16,08 0 posts
3/18/2008 8:52:00 AM
not really lol i sounded horrible lol
i had to sing with no backing tracks
or anything i was well upset i dont
know y i just was lol xx
emma16,08 0 posts
3/17/2008 8:10:00 AM
okay dont laugh but last week i went on holiday and had to sing on stage and i cried cause i thought i was shit but i won xi was classed as the best female singer age 16 and over there was 27 other people on the contest xx
emma16,08 0 posts
3/17/2008 7:36:00 AM
hey again im back u up 4 a chat x
emma16,08 0 posts
3/7/2008 7:11:00 AM
emma16,08 0 posts
3/6/2008 9:05:00 AM
oh my god was that really u ur like so fit xx?
denile08 0 posts
12/20/2007 4:00:00 PM
Send me your address and I will hook you up after the holidays.
denile08 0 posts
12/19/2007 7:40:00 PM
Wow...old stuff. I am sure i can get you a copy of the old CD and the 3 song promo. The unreleased CD......that is another story.
Hooligans United 0 posts
10/13/2007 11:46:00 PM
Thanks for the comment!!!
We are coming out with a full length very shortly
skeletoncrew07 0 posts
9/3/2007 10:17:00 AM
brenoritvrezorkre 0 posts
12/9/2006 3:54:00 PM
Yeah that worked. Thanks dude!
brenoritvrezorkre 0 posts
12/9/2006 3:16:00 PM
Yeah I need you to ZIP them for me. They save, but not as mp3s and only lets me open it with realplayer... So if you could zip em for me that'd be sweet.
brenoritvrezorkre 0 posts
12/9/2006 1:47:00 PM
Thanks man, this rules.

It only lets me stream them though, is there some way I could be able to download them to my music folder?
brenoritvrezorkre 0 posts
12/9/2006 1:13:00 PM
Yo dude, could you send me that first Channel 7"

You got AIM or Soulseek or something?
TimesOfGrace 0 posts
9/23/2006 3:24:00 PM
Hey man what's up??check out this band u might like it. Cya
flarga blarga 0 posts
8/9/2006 6:20:00 PM
is the netherlands a pretty cool place?
blackheartundercover 0 posts
8/9/2006 2:03:00 PM
hi, my name is rain, yesh that is my real name. ...i am about to ask you the almest question . . . .are you ready,,,, do you have myspace?if so can you email me at chiodosislove@yahoo.com!
okay, thanks. i ask about the myspace, because you seem to be a pretty intellegent guy who could teach me alot, with your hardcore facts and such, so yeah, umm, email please, thanks, bye!

Leo SIIG 0 posts
6/29/2006 5:15:00 PM
Mr. Nerd. Your total shipping cost is $7.95
Leo SIIG 0 posts
6/27/2006 5:05:00 PM
will do. the complete auction is over. im doing all the overseas totals tomorrow. ill let you know asap
Leo SIIG 0 posts
6/24/2006 3:23:00 AM
Hey, congrats on winning the BIBO split. Do you plan on bidding on any more items? Just wondering when I should get you a shipping total.
xdropdeadxsophie 0 posts
6/21/2006 5:53:00 AM
hey hope u dont mind the addie btw!!
p.s dont no how to work this im pretty new *tut*
TimesOfGrace 0 posts
3/29/2006 7:12:00 PM
i already have it, it's great i'm sure you'll like it. They now have producer from the states i think, and they will be touring for Euope. I'm really happy with that we need to export our shit. Cya
TimesOfGrace 0 posts
3/29/2006 10:42:00 AM
Hey...Nueva Etica has a new Album on the streets....¨ inquebrantable¨ you can download it with Emule. Cya
TimesOfGrace 0 posts
3/28/2006 3:38:00 PM
hey what's up??did you find somthing.........
TimesOfGrace 0 posts
3/26/2006 11:49:00 AM
thxs for the add..........
TimesOfGrace 0 posts
3/25/2006 7:21:00 PM
Nice!!! check out ¨Jesusmartyr - Sudamerican Porno¨ it's metal but i like it... ¨A.N.I.M.A.L. - El nuevo camino del Hombre¨ good hardcore album, you can try ¨Fun People - Anesthesia¨ old styff, but i really like it...
TimesOfGrace 0 posts
3/25/2006 12:47:00 PM
hey...how did you know ¨Nueva Etica¨ ??
Rachel_NoCrew 0 posts
3/3/2006 4:50:00 PM
Seriously Dead Souls, and John Steinbecks Winter of Our Disconten changed my life.
Good to see you know your literature.
12/7/2005 1:38:00 PM
Thanx for you comment. Bro!
Eugeniusz 0 posts
12/1/2005 5:20:00 AM
Yeah,...Cymeon X, Agni Hotra - straigt edge bands?? I have never heard about Counterweight... Greetz:)
Eugeniusz 0 posts
11/30/2005 6:08:00 AM
Hi!!! You are from Europe??!! Do you know hc band Schizma? Their music is awesome.. Greetz:)
Positive and Focused 0 posts
11/4/2005 3:36:00 PM
hope to play with you on december 5th.......contacted Michel already...
ohiogrinder 0 posts
8/14/2005 1:42:00 AM
you like some ace bands, man.
unleashed216 0 posts
5/31/2005 7:16:00 PM
hello hello
tRex 0 posts
5/6/2005 8:17:00 AM
haha you like <3 some really bad music
gael 0 posts
1/31/2005 4:52:00 AM
yes it was a good place.. good shows in brussels are gone (don't forget to mention Coure of Action for the best belgian band).
I'm just back from Amsterdam, cool eh!? haha
have a good day buddy
gael 0 posts
1/31/2005 4:48:00 AM
Kindred was such an awesome band
trul 0 posts
1/28/2005 5:09:00 AM
soooo bad...now in april comming converge...but There are no many concerts in the year,They are suspended because it is absent I publish...and the people not are & the not these very interested people, seem to be....i goig to live in london in april...spain it/s so calm for me....but is a nice site are sooo beauty....well....kisses loco__________

sorry my english i need learn...
trul 0 posts
1/28/2005 4:09:00 AM
CannibalCorpORATIONs 0 posts
10/14/2004 7:14:00 PM
>One of the best bands ever. Glad I saw em twice on their (only) European tour with Feeding The Fire in '9?...

August 1995

I saw them when I was 15 at Schleiz festival, Germany.

Cool you like Disembodied and Burst of Silence too... !!

I live by this edge
I'll die by this edge
unleashed216 0 posts
10/11/2004 9:26:00 AM
dank u voor goed nieuws.
I'll check them out!!do they have a web site?
9/29/2004 1:02:00 PM
hi there,
you are cool listener! i like mean season too.
WOAH! 0 posts
2/8/2004 8:55:00 PM
i love duran duran...u dont look thirty. my french teachers from the netherlands, no? ha yea
driver 0 posts
1/13/2004 9:19:00 AM
lol very cool
and some nice bands heh
BurningStar4 0 posts
1/7/2004 6:02:00 PM
Ha! How can you get better than Black Heart Procession and David Lee Roth. I wish I could live in DLR's world. He always seems so happy.
maureen. 0 posts
12/18/2003 2:43:00 PM
You listen to some really good music... :)

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