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6/15/2013 7:49:00 AM
Check out our band http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=Sgul6eTy_Qg&NR=1

We hope you like our music! We are trying to get listeners from all over the world. Stay cool and greetings from Finland!

Like our FB page http://www.facebook.com/dreadfulband

download our 24 songs for free! http://www.stereokiller.com/dreadful

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11/2/2011 1:29:00 PM
where you been
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3/19/2011 6:34:00 PM
now i'm lurkin
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3/2/2011 10:59:00 AM
caught you lurkin
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2/6/2011 9:29:00 PM
Once a month I can if I want to, I don't really. For the ice storm we had here cars were being sent to my house to pick me up so I didn't have to drive which was pretty fun. But I don't really have anywhere to go/anything to do with a limo. Since I just moved out here I don't really know anyone either so there is no need.
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2/6/2011 8:47:00 PM
Yeah I do, I work at a limousine company, but we're not too dead. Mainly because of the super bowl and prom season coming up. After that we'll be dead too.
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2/5/2011 1:00:00 PM
Haha, I forgive you. How are you?
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2/4/2011 4:13:00 PM
Blank Picture comment eh?

Response to image comment: 249022_1296752788986.jpg
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4/1/2010 8:26:00 PM
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11/26/2008 3:57:00 PM
i see you have joined....

Tom Hanks son will stab you with a ski pole,

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