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11/14/2011 12:21:00 PM
Good day
Is my glad to reach you as well, sorry for propose you at this moment.
I am Miss vivian Dion,
How are you, i hope your are find and in sound health. i saw your profile today at (www.stereokiller.com) can we be friends? because i am interesting of your relationship. I speak English.
Also can i know your names like hobbling ?. if you mind, you can as well mail to me at (viviandion10@yahoo.com)
I believe we can move from here in order to achieve good things in the future.
because i mind I will send my likes' at your Email. so please i will like you to send me an e-mail in order to tell you whom i am. and also to know you more,
Also by tomorrow i can attach mAy photos to you OK, i like blue co lour music and cook in house and some house cleaning, what of about yours. distance does not matter. but good relationship matters a lot in life. i am waiting for your reply soonest at (viviandion10@yahoo.com) thanks Yours
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