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WREN 0 posts
4/29/2014 11:51:00 AM
Joe's been out for awhile now. But yeah the number is the same. Give me a buzz. It's been too long.
Pollcat 0 posts
4/29/2014 10:27:00 AM
Most definitely old friend. 570-814-5938. Hit me up.
WREN 0 posts
4/29/2014 10:16:00 AM
It's a ghost! Yeah I lift still. I've made some gains since we last lifted. I run alot of stupid distance races and OCR's so I don't max out or anything. How's life with you? I see the hair is luxurious.
WREN 0 posts
4/12/2010 1:36:00 PM
Happy Birthday, Broski.
Dianana 0 posts
4/12/2010 8:36:00 AM
happy day of birth.
rumorhasit 0 posts
9/28/2009 12:52:00 PM
answer my damn question about brooklyns thermos, fricker.
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
8/21/2009 3:51:00 PM
don't remember the exact idea, just an mma league in general. it was like 3 or 4 years ago
pinkbombshells 0 posts
8/21/2009 3:52:00 AM
cbrickhouse 0 posts
6/3/2009 11:12:00 AM
hah nah. i put up a fence instead
cbrickhouse 0 posts
5/26/2009 10:46:00 AM
keep up the good work.
cbrickhouse 0 posts
5/26/2009 10:40:00 AM
lol, whoops.
Dianana 0 posts
3/31/2008 8:32:00 PM
nicole 0 posts
3/26/2008 11:00:00 PM
It's Flickr.com! :)
!! lil Kryzzle !! 0 posts
3/2/2008 1:52:00 AM
HAY! how are you and the fam?? I miss you guys :(
tom. 0 posts
12/15/2006 2:38:00 PM
that's a definite possibility. best $40 ever spent.
Joelle.Hardcore 0 posts
12/7/2006 3:32:00 PM
hahaha life rules right now, BEECAAAAUUUSEEEE I'm moving to Philly!
Joelle.Hardcore 0 posts
12/7/2006 12:43:00 PM
ITS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi joe!
pinkbombshells 0 posts
10/17/2006 1:17:00 AM
awww, thanks! (like 2 months late, haha) needless to say i dont find so much time to be on here anymore, but thanks!

hows life with the fam? i wanna hear all about it
judd b 0 posts
9/26/2006 4:10:00 PM
thanx man...nah actually that album was almost finished, but got dropped. we were offered a major deal, and things just fell apart. sucks... but thanx for asking. i loved that band.
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
6/3/2006 12:56:00 PM
You've always been alright in my book, so that's fine. I'm glad we can finally drop this.
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
6/2/2006 3:29:00 PM
Well, again, what you call negative I call realistic. I never said to not chase your dream, or however you want to phrase it. I didn't even bother to think of the details until you kept on giving me shit for telling you to get over it, which I still think you took entirely too hard and literal. I don't spend my time trying to get to the root of why I look at things realistically.
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
6/2/2006 1:33:00 AM
Dude, all I said was to get over it. You're really taking this way too hard. You egged it on and I told you my full thoughts on the situation. Calm down.
Joe Boccuto 0 posts
6/1/2006 9:56:00 PM
Man, you're being really mature about this.
dave heck 0 posts
5/17/2006 6:50:00 PM
..::localeye::.. 0 posts
5/9/2006 4:31:00 PM
you funny
fight2live 0 posts
4/18/2006 12:12:00 AM
that "trophy" is a gumball dispenser full of weed. Good thing you didn't see that last monday before your broake your edge, you might of beat me up Pops
rumorhasit 0 posts
4/17/2006 1:14:00 PM
You're back?
Dianana 0 posts
3/27/2006 2:19:00 PM
hello. tell kristen she's sexy for me.
Pollcat 0 posts
11/20/2005 12:12:00 PM
awesome. sounds like a plan. yeah i am hoping shit works out to. if not there is going to be a huge grievence and alot of people flipping in the union.
Pollcat 0 posts
11/20/2005 12:04:00 PM
been better. got alot of drama to take care of tomorrow at work. we definitely need to get together soon.
pinkbombshells 0 posts
11/14/2005 11:49:00 AM
haha. don't worry dude, theres still plenty of room... and ive got 3 more appointments ;)
pinkbombshells 0 posts
11/14/2005 10:38:00 AM
duuuude. you gotta see what i went and did ;)
bandit 0 posts
10/5/2005 9:31:00 PM
no i don't and thats the main problem. otherwise i'd be on my way with this band
bandit 0 posts
10/4/2005 7:52:00 PM
i have no clue dude. i want to get something started but i don't know whats going on. i was talking to gavlick again for a while, but i havent seen him for a little bit, so i dont know
!! lil Kryzzle !! 0 posts
9/17/2005 4:52:00 AM
you get a 100 for being such a good daddy and the best person for my lady.
bandit 0 posts
8/30/2005 11:30:00 AM
haha, thats good

i have no clue about the "band." my luck with these things never seems to work out
bandit 0 posts
8/26/2005 5:32:00 PM
hows little soda doin?
Unknown 0 posts
8/25/2005 4:32:00 PM
i live, but rarely on the internets these days. I just so happened to get an email saying someone was snooping around my PAHC account so I investigated.

i quit my shitty ass job and am living on three months severance. i'm living like a king. life is pretty awesome right now.

how have you been?
fight2live 0 posts
8/16/2005 1:32:00 PM
hope to see you in party mode this weekend...me and fat mike hc will be sniffing industrial silicon-based sealants and chemicals, should be fun.
!! lil Kryzzle !! 0 posts
8/15/2005 11:01:00 AM
damn, I just got your messages, I asked my mom when she checked it then said, no. but then she said I'm sorry and played the message for me. but that's ok, you got to sped time with your parents, I'll be around today, I promise.
!! lil Kryzzle !! 0 posts
8/15/2005 12:44:00 AM
I called you guys and left a message :(
!! lil Kryzzle !! 0 posts
8/14/2005 8:07:00 PM
I'll come over.. I just woke up. so I'll call you.
!! lil Kryzzle !! 0 posts
8/9/2005 9:30:00 PM
you got it!
fight2live 0 posts
7/26/2005 4:53:00 PM
bring the family....saturday aug 20th.....good times to be had by all. I'll keep you posted boss
fight2live 0 posts
7/20/2005 11:38:00 AM
whats up big daddy?
4eyez 0 posts
7/16/2005 1:58:00 PM
how the hell are you? how's the baby? how's everything? Congrats!!!!
xAJDELAWAREx 0 posts
7/15/2005 10:32:00 AM
Yo nigga. Im at work in Philly right now. But I gotta head over to south NJ.
joey. 0 posts
7/5/2005 12:05:00 AM
Good, I'm glad to see you guys are doing good.

Shit, I don't know when I'll be able to get time off but Kryzzy should be visiting(without me, gay) soon so Ill make sure I pass the word onto her.
joey. 0 posts
7/4/2005 8:30:00 PM
hows fatherhood treatin you?
4eyez 0 posts
6/22/2005 6:20:00 PM
4eyez 0 posts
6/1/2005 5:25:00 PM
when are you getting this special delivery???
Pollcat 0 posts
5/18/2005 5:12:00 PM
knuckledust this weekend. you should go
Pollcat 0 posts
5/18/2005 5:07:00 PM
my fault boss the woman already made plans. don't worry we are still on
Katie. 0 posts
5/17/2005 5:16:00 PM
Kryzzy and I have been DYING to see them!!!
Katie. 0 posts
5/17/2005 5:12:00 PM
so then when can i see the pics!?!?!?
Pollcat 0 posts
5/10/2005 4:36:00 PM
hahaha i'll do that
Pollcat 0 posts
5/10/2005 4:30:00 PM
nice. let me see whats up and i will let you know.
Pollcat 0 posts
5/10/2005 4:14:00 PM
how about this weekend
Katie. 0 posts
5/9/2005 5:28:00 PM
so when are you going to post those pics of your woman all knocked up? she said you had em and that we were waiting on you and I WANNA SEE EM DARNIT.
4/20/2005 1:04:00 PM
understandable. yeah, the banmds were good. Cant say the same for the crowd and the atmosphere, but that seems to be the same for every show anymore these days. [/grizzled old man rant]
4/20/2005 1:00:00 PM
it has indeed. i didnt even see you there!
Pollcat 0 posts
4/11/2005 2:19:00 PM
jesus man
joey. 0 posts
4/1/2005 12:30:00 AM
it was nice chillin at your humble abode the other night. hope to see you around sometime soon, peace.
HighTower 0 posts
2/8/2005 4:39:00 PM
like I said, wings and tits. the bigger the better.
HighTower 0 posts
2/8/2005 4:28:00 PM
I expect there to be some debacuherous paycheck drinking sometime in our near future. Preferably someplace that has good wings and large breasted women I can pay to rub my dick through my pants.
wallsofpain 0 posts
1/4/2005 4:58:00 PM
and why are they letting an old man get drunk?

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