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3/30/2007 3:11:00 PM
hey you
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3/21/2007 7:47:00 PM
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3/12/2007 2:25:00 PM
good and you
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2/14/2007 10:04:00 AM
hey long time no talk
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2/6/2007 1:47:00 AM
nothing too much.
my internet is finally working again :]
how bout you?
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1/13/2007 7:21:00 PM
awesome bands :]
hi my names germin..
whats up?
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1/4/2007 2:03:00 PM
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12/15/2006 12:43:00 PM
you got new pictures yay i feel like dancing
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12/7/2006 4:47:00 PM
hey you
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10/30/2006 2:11:00 AM
is that right well your a
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10/24/2006 3:11:00 PM
nothing much just finishing up high school.:(
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10/22/2006 9:57:00 AM
hey wut up??
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10/16/2006 3:59:00 PM
thax i love muzic
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10/16/2006 3:58:00 PM
yupp its...
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10/15/2006 8:03:00 PM
Thanks for your add sweety. Please check my music out on www.myspace.com/heartattravel. I would really appreciate it. Im trying to get out and around. Lol. Take care and keep in touch.

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10/15/2006 1:52:00 PM
do u have a xanga??
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10/15/2006 1:50:00 PM
i'm only 12 umm...well
comment back plzz

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10/15/2006 8:09:00 AM
no u??:( i wanted to how old r u??
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10/14/2006 7:31:00 AM
nope u??
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10/13/2006 2:33:00 PM
vocals... these guys i met on tour made up a name for hhll it was hella hella lame lame haha they were a great group of guys
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10/12/2006 6:05:00 PM
i so new that....lol....so dose MA
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10/12/2006 2:14:00 PM
hows it going
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10/10/2006 10:10:00 PM
no i dont have an aim, do u have a myspace?
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10/10/2006 5:34:00 PM
wuts GA??
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10/10/2006 4:08:00 PM
holy crap u like heavy heavy low low too! theyre really underground.
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10/10/2006 2:34:00 PM
hey you
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10/10/2006 9:54:00 AM
well at least you had a good time. im doing ok, i guess. wish i could have gone to that concert but.....ya.....whatever
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10/9/2006 6:43:00 PM
thanks u like some really good music also
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10/8/2006 3:08:00 PM
nope u??
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10/7/2006 8:30:00 PM
nm jc u??
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10/7/2006 7:49:00 PM
i like its dangerus bisses walking out your front door & writing on the walls...u??
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10/7/2006 3:31:00 PM
hahaha. finally, someone with good music taste! your goin g to a dance instead of a concert with All That Remains!!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!
wow! thats insane. i love that band! sooo....... how are you?
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10/5/2006 6:24:00 PM
love uneroath for life!!
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10/5/2006 9:49:00 AM
good bands. underoath,mae,norma jean are awsome. do you like Bullet For My Valentine and All That Remains????
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10/3/2006 4:58:00 PM
aw thanks. the other one just wasn't working for me.
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10/3/2006 10:36:00 AM
Thanks!! *hugs* =)
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9/30/2006 1:40:00 PM
Thanks :]
So are your's
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9/27/2006 1:34:00 PM
hey hows it going!!
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9/26/2006 9:35:00 PM
haha yeah
always room for change
but um thanks
i still like yours better tho.
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9/25/2006 8:15:00 PM
haha thanks
same to you =]
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9/24/2006 10:41:00 PM
i like what you changed your thing to.
it's cute.
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9/24/2006 3:27:00 PM
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9/18/2006 5:26:00 PM
haha nice
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8/24/2006 6:10:00 PM
yeah i do it's lightfaerie184 .lol. do u have aim too?
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8/21/2006 8:29:00 PM
ya i got myspace and my band duz its myspace.com/freakinmailbox is mine and my bands is myspace.com/amartyrscryca
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8/20/2006 11:11:00 PM
ahh i love breakfast club and sixteen candles
awesome bands too..
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8/20/2006 8:25:00 PM
nicemusic taste!
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8/5/2006 1:57:00 PM
haha it's ok me understand ^__^

i'm fine thanks :'D
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8/3/2006 12:04:00 PM
thanks :] so how are you
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8/2/2006 6:36:00 PM
Nice band list
friends, malls, music, ipods, writing songs, playing straylight run songs on the piano, trying to play soco songs on the piano, moshing, my friends that have moved away, really really bright neon things, dancing, singing, guitar center, being the only emo kid at my school, staying up all night talking to my best friends, blankets, sunsets, laughing at the retarded things me and my friends do, inside jokes, guns, really really loud music, IMing, the color of the sky, and bracelets. and dont say you hate me if you dont know me. and if you come up to me and say "look at me, im emo too" and pretend to cut your arms with scissors, i will whack you. NOT ALL EMO PEOPLE CUT. and never ever EVER say 'theres the emo girl.' i bite.