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1/31/2006 7:46:00 PM
sup, nice list of music you got there ,too bad your fucking lame! j/k

im gonna piss in yo showa

-Skateboard -Basketball -Metalcore -Melodic Death Metal -Black Metal -Gothic -Underground Hardcore -Sex -My scream and my growling -Nice Girls -Exo Shop
-The Black Dahlia Murder -Screams of Erida -Embrace The End -With Passion -Deadlock -Parkway Drive -Texas Is On Fire -Trivium -Our Last Night -Alesana -Conducting From The Grave -In Ashes We Lie -Cyphoria -Nevea Tears -A Beautiful Epiphany -Air Tight Alibi -Fall Of A Season -Bring Me The Horizon -Cryptic Wintermoon -Dead Elizabeth -Growing Down -Blinded By Faith -The Burning Season -Devil Ate My Son -Amora Savant -A Closing Skyline -Graveworm -Eternal Tears Of Sorrow -Beneath A Bleeding Sky -Mors Principium Est -Insomnium -Scar Symmetery -Moonlyght -Love In The Time Of Cholera -Descend Into Nothingness -Blind Stare -Crimson Moonlight -Ephen Rian -Axamenta -Catamenia -Furia -Illnath -Kiuas -Susperia -Tvangeste -Windir -Thyrane -Demonic Resurrection -Mystic Circle -Dawn Of Relic -Shade Empire -Anata -Theriomorphic -Arsis -Arrival -Aabsinthe -