When it comes to the deathcore genre, there might not be a band talked about more than Waking The Cadaver. Their 2007 debut full-length Perverse Recollections Of The Necromangler received the definition of a love/hate response. Fans of the band and album claim it’s the most “bRoOtaL” album to ever make its way to human ears and the haters chalked it up as one of the corniest attempts at making cheesy music. The band responded with nothing but love for their fans, but has threatened practically every critic that has given them a bad review. I guess I’m about to join that list for their newest outing entitled Beyond Cops, Beyond God.

I had my first introduction to the band long after they made waves, for good or bad, in the metal community. I completely missed their demo tape and dived head first into their full length approximately a year after it had already been in circulation. I found that record to be nothing more than a poor man’s Devourment. The foundations of a solid Slam/Death Metal record was there but instead of putting more focus on writing good tunes, they decided to half ass their way through anything that wasn’t a breakdown; which there is an over abundance of. Pig squeals and unfunny attempts at being shocking with their porno-gore lyrics and titles like Pig Tails Are For Facefucking, topped off what I considered a very terrible album.

Moving onto their newest release, the band seems to have taken the Job For A Cowboy approach to writing their follow up records. When JFAC came out with the Doom EP, the record was ripped to shreds. When they came out with Genesis they appeared to have listened to the critics and removed all the negative aspects of their music. It was a little boring but a drastic improvement. Waking The Cadaver may or may not have listened to their negative reviews but it seems that they are atleast making some sort of an attempt at writing better music. Pig squeals and breakdowns are reduced, non-breakdown parts are no longer just filler and actually serve as the backbone of each song, and the over-trying of making witty lyrics seems to have disappeared. It’s not something that I expected when I went into listening to this record.

While WTC has made some positive improvements the band still fell miles short in putting out a GOOD record. The album didn’t have a single gem of a track and by the time I got to the 3rd track I started to notice the trend that every single song was starting to sound exactly alike. Funny thing too is that Waking The Cadaver will always refer to themselves a Death Metal outing and are completely offended if you refer to them as Deathcore. The band does nothing to sway the opinions of their naysayers with this record because every breakdown is more in vain of a hardcore band or something in vain of Internal Bleeding.

As if I really needed to digress, I don’t recommend this record to anyone. I can actually say they made many attempts at improvement and if they continue down this path the next record might actually be respectable, but this album is an hour worth of boredom. The few Morbid Angel type riffs can’t save this album from being a snoozer. The breakdowns are moshable but not incredible and still occur much too often. When all is said and done, Waking The Cadaver is still striking out. I’m sure their minions of fans that make YouTube videos of them doing the pig squeals to their music will completely disagree with me but come on now, who are you going to side with here? Me or that incredible haircut?