I have to be honest, I've never gotten around to listening to Voice of Reason (until now obviously). I've heard the name floating around, but never really knew what they were about. With this great collection of their entire discography, I was able to hear the band's whole catalog and learn a lot more about Voice of Reason.

I always enjoy listening to collections like this because you can hear the band's progression. For example, a few songs on this CD appear twice. Usually one will be from a demo, and the other will be from another release. It's interesting to hear how songs sound better as the band gets tighter and has time to sit on the songs. For example, the first track "Sometimes" has two versions: one with a more melodic approach vocally, and the other a more traditional hardcore approach.

If you're a fan of melodic hardcore and late 80s/early 90s hardcore, then you'll find something to like on this release. Apparently these guys got compared to Gorilla Biscuits and 7 Seconds, which I can hear. They even did a really cool cover of Gorilla Biscuit's "Hold Your Ground."

This is a must-have for anyone who's already a fan of this band, and an awesome documentation of a period of time when this band was around. The CD comes with a booklet filled with tons of information, pictures, and quotes. It's limited to 500 copies, so definitely be sure to check it out.