From Edmonton Canada, Begrime Exemious are a full metal assault. Blasting on all cylinders on Visions of the Scourge, Begrime Exemious flesh out 8 tracks Black/Death Metal that is easily as impressive as it is a let-down(we will touch on that later).

From the get-go you know that this is a raw Metal release. If you love the late 80s early 90s style of Death Metal, this is a good album to check out. Evil sounding riffs and solos but also hearty head banging moments.

The musicianship is tight but not overly wanky at all. I always thought a little off the cuff feeling with this type of Metal really lets it shine and that is here. These guys sound like they are having a good time not just being angry and writing angry riffs.

*Now the let-down for me was certain parts about the production. As we all know with Black Metal and lots of Death Metal a little grime is often welcomed and encourage but some of the production just sounds to muddy or cheap to me. The main part being the bass drums on certain songs, they sound really muffled and odd.*

All in all this is a very good album other than those final gripes about the production. If it wasn't for that I would rank this quite a bit higher. Certain parts remind me of Melechesh(without the Middle Eastern influence) or Black Anvil(the vocals). If you like any Black or Death Metal especially things of the "classic" variety give this a whirl. I'm gonna check out their previous efforts and hope to check out their forthcoming albums as I'm sure things will only go up from here.

*EDIT Turns out this was recorded live. I have adjusted my score.