New Jersey's Aspiga and California's Hanalei have just released a new split on Jump Start Records. The 7" release contains a brand new track from both outfits, while the digital download includes an extra 2 songs. Jump Start Records has been on a roll the last couple of years, releasing records by bands such as Crucial Dudes and One Win Choice. They are gearing up to release MXPX's new album as well.

Aspiga gets things started off with "Laughing This Off", which is a solid offering from the Collingswood, NJ natives. Frontman Kevin Day's twinkly, yet beefy guitar tone is a refreshing thing to hear in a scene dominated by overdistorted marshall/mesa stacks. I enjoy Aspiga's spin on the classic 90's punk sound that brings to mind bands such as Jawbreaker and Quicksand. A solid rhythm section and Day's vocals round out a consistently solid 6 minutes.

Side B leads us to Hanalei, the current project of Brian Moss of the Wunder Years (not a typo, google it pop punk kids). While not necessarily the same sound as Aspiga, the two compliment each other quite well. "Get Gone" reminds me of that rock infused Asbury Park punk vibe that bands like Gaslight Anthem and new Bouncing Souls have gravitated toward. The twangy electric guitars and reverb tinged background vocals are nowhere to be found on follow up track "Cut Dead" which is actually an acoustic cover of a Jesus And Mary Chain song.

Overall, this is a solid split EP with some diverse punk rock which once again is a refreshing change from all of this pop punk bullshit dominating the scene right now. Based on little stabs in my other reviews, I would lead you to believe I really don't care too much for modern pop punk. And you'd be right. The Aspiga/Hanalei split is out now on Jump Start Records