Hardcore hasn’t mattered in some time, though it’s been inspiring a good amount of Southern Lord’s roster lately. NAILS, Baptists, Black Breath and the supergroup, All Pigs Must Die, (its make-up The Hope Conspiracy’s Kevin Baker, Ben Koller from Converge and Bloodhorse’s Adam Wentworth and Matt Woods) have been cranking out the fury, amassing riff-toxic slices to the jugular, soaking in the crimson sputter as their collective and manic feet tread heavily on our heads, flattening, crushing and melting us into nothing more than fanboy blood, mud and plasma. It’s not a pleasant sight, but it’s not a bad feeling. Within ten seconds of God Is War, All Pigs Must Die’s first full-length for Southern Lord, I was convinced that it was going to be a worthy listen.

“Death Dealer” has those arcing guitar howls building up the song’s severity and promising something very dangerous. Once it kicks in, the album is more or less thrust upon you in a series of fast strokes (“Pulverization”) and walls of thick, almost-Neurosis sized guitar sounds (“God Is War”). And, though, the almost obligatory hardcore dance section or breakdown is enacted almost expectedly from time to time, the riffs are sensible and interesting and the power is intense enough to take seriously. And Motörhead styled beauty like “Sacrosanct,” immersed in blast beats and allowed room for some monumental guitar soloing, is perfect rock head fodder.

“The Blessed Void” is an annihilating array of high-speed intensity that slows to crushing blows. “Third World Genocide” plays very closely to something Slayer might come up with down to the vocal pacing. The same could also be said of “Extinction Is Ours,” which is a nice two minutes and twenty-one seconds of heft before “Sadistic Vindicator” kicks in doom-laden chords and a marching double-bass kick drum. The effect is entrancing and from there the song explores a change or two, but stays relatively slow to close the album out, an opus following an otherwise strong selection of audible trauma.