There is an immediate satisfaction to the opening riffs employed for Avenger, fifth album from alt-metal band Totimoshi that warms your blood like a shot of Irish whiskey. The title track grinds and skids, fumbles rhythmically and ultimately realigns itself with a groove that boasts a cyclically appreciated union of Zeppelin blues and Melvins mud that has informed many a band in our post-Alternative “soundgarden,” for lack of a better pun or term.

Comparable to classic rock, but fused with enough modernity to grant relevance over nostalgia, Totimoshi is a steady and robust rock unit, at times flirting with enough progressive adventure to negate expectations of typical rock repetition. “The Fool” sort of reflects this loyalty to classic rock’s at times powerful accessibility, (even the opening bass line makes me think of The Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post”), but then a song like “Mainline” utilizes drone elements, murk and math-rock syncopation. Enjoyably dirty moments like this also emerge via “Calling All Curs” and “Opus,” though the speed is enhanced for both and drones are minimized. Categorically “rock” licks aplenty bolster “Rose,” which is lyrically unimaginative: singer/guitarist Antonio Aguilar simply scoring a piece o’ ass. Consider this Avenger’s “Lemon Song,” I guess.

The shift of “Leaves” warrants the obligatory rock fist, a moody and somewhat dissonant first few minutes taken into a noisy onslaught of soloing and heavy percussion. Following, though, is the light and slow paced “Snag,” which is enlivened only by volume.

Helping out with “Waning Divine,” Brent Hinds (Mastodon) and Scott Kelly (Neurosis) expertly inject atmosphere and preemptive builds. The song is sort of robbed from Totimoshi with Hinds and Kelly both adding such colossal presence, crafting what some could see as a Neurosis interpretation of an Om song. Sound enticing? It is. Inasmuch as the starpower alters the album’s course, it doesn’t detract from the Avenger’s quality and winds up the maraschino delight at the tail end of Totimoshi’s very cool offering.