Judging by how I'm not hearing everyone talk about how much they love them... I'm guessing that Delaware's Boatrocker have been quietly coasting under most peoples radar for some time now. Lets change that.

For those of you woefully ignorant... Boatrocker play a style that I can best describe as late 90's-early 2000's style post-hardcore. It feels a little bizarre not only having to label a bands style... but also date the specific era of the genre that I most closely associated them with. I can do this because these guys really take me back to when I was younger and first opening my ears to acts of this ilk. It is very hard for me to specifically nail down bands that they could be comparable to, but if I had to... I would say they were similar to early Thursday, By A Thread and even at times... Grade.

Without a doubt, Boatrocker's strongest attribute is their sense of composition. The distinctively different pieces to each of their songs intertwine with precision. The end result of this high level of song craftsmanship is segments that naturally flow from one to the next... expanding and contracting with melody and tension. The songs on this record not only feel very well thought out, but very personal. Several of the songs offer up beautiful and simplistic melodies, while others remain incredibly dark. The ebb and flow of this record is undeniable and refreshing since so few bands really know how to write an entire record with proper arrangement of the songs in a way that truly makes sense. These guys know what they're doing.

Boatrocker are obviously playing music that they love on their own terms and I honestly can't wait to see what they do next.

If you are or ever were a fan of bands like Thursday, By A Thread, Grade or anyone similar... absolutely give Boatrocker a listen.