This New York due has really impressed me. From their press release: Mario Quintero - Guitar, Drums, Keys, Vocals Sarah Quintero - Bass, Vocals, Moog Spotlights are the Brooklyn-based married couple of Mario and Sarah Quintero. In Spotlights, the Quinteros summon a supreme sound, equally heavy and dreamy. A tarpit sludge-rock foundation is blanketed by layers of shimmering shoegaze. Their debut full-length Tidals was released on Crowquill Records in the spring of 2016 as a follow up to the synth-laden, doom-pop EP, Demonstration. Tidals' songs rock hard and memorably, bringing to mind hints of bands, from Failure to My Bloody Valentine to Godflesh to Smashing Pumpkins and beyond. Spotlights were handpicked by Deftones to support the band, and Refused, on three weeks of their 2016 summer tour. The band quickly followed up with a second national run in September with If These Trees Could Talk. In December 2016, Spotlights self-released the 3-song “odds and ends” EP, Spiders, featuring a cover of the song She Spider by MEW, and a remix of Joseph, the closing track on Tidals, done by Aaron Harris (Isis/Palms). The Spiders EP served as the perfect way to hold fans over while the band continued work on their new record. When it came time to record the follow-up full length to Tidals, the Quinteros didn’t have to look far to find the perfect producer. “Choosing to work with Aaron [Harris] on our new record was a no brainer for us. We get along great and he completely understands where we are coming from musically and knows just how to capture that,” says Mario. Sarah adds “Plus, he’s an incredible drummer and we tricked him into playing on four of the songs!” The three of them spent a week in Los Angeles at Palmquist Studios, putting together one of the most dynamic, and emotive collection of songs to date. - - - - - Credits: Recorded at Palmquist Studios in Los Angeles in April 2017 All songs written by Spotlights Produced by Aaron Harris and Spotlights Engineered by Aaron Harris Mixed by Mario Quintero Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Check them out on BandCamp.