Take IT Back Fight is my new project 6 replies, 10432 views

i can jump
9/15/2020 12:55:25 AM

If you know Vainsbloodnsmoke my first project in 2004 and creepernite in 2005

It mixed with some beatdown hardcore with some doom metal riffs and pop punk of new wave of fast wave beatdown


Bashar al-Acab
9/15/2020 2:51:03 AM

trash friend
9/15/2020 10:42:43 AM

will the stage show be you chasing Pokémon while you also have porNhub open on your phone? REAL EAST NORTH REAL EAST COAST NORTH HARDCORE

Bashar al-Acab
9/15/2020 10:50:02 AM
trash friend
9/15/2020 11:24:49 AM

One time I saw assnipples give Wild Steve a menthol cigarette and then Wild Steve proceeded to violently vomit into a trash can.

Bashar al-Acab
9/15/2020 3:03:51 PM

I wanna give wild Steve meth and hang out in public with him

trash friend
9/16/2020 12:22:53 AM