Thursday: Societal Collapse Edition 33 replies, 36378 views

3/19/2020 9:14:06 AM

Good Morning,

Everything is going to change. I performed an analysis of the situation to get a clear picture of what is happening.

The rate of infection may make some think their chances of infection are low. They may be young enough that they believe they will be ok. Sure, you may physically be able to fight off the virus. Sure, you may be financially secure for a few months.

This isn't the problem I can see.

The problem is that many believe this will "be over in 6 weeks lol!"


We are looking at over a year of chaos. Expect 12-20 months of a collapse.

The system is not meant to handle such strain.

Humanity has faced worse before but the entitled modern human sure as hell hasn't.

This is the weakest version of humanity to have ever existed. Many are not able to emotionally handle not having the latest model cell phone. Many have emotional responses to the outcome of sporting events. A modern victory is one of no consequence. The tragedies of life are something most shield themselves from and ignore.

They have tied utmost value to the most pointless of things.

Our species is not mentally equipped.

Now the blinders come off and life can be shown for what it is.

I am the diddling priest.

3/19/2020 9:23:20 AM

Those with a left leaning view of the world are about to experience a rebirth of how they see the world. You will not be able to fight this change of perspective. You will soon get to experience the true colors of the common human.

Protect your family. Especially protect the women. They will be the ones to suffer the most when this is all said and done. They are the ones primarily being the heroes right now. They will be the heroes in this war. The ones who will hurt them the most are the ones you have been making excuses for. You won't be able to do that anymore. You will not be able to make excuses for them any longer.

Pay attention to the pattern. I am non-partisan. It is time for you to be as well.

The government doesn't care about you. You are a slave. It is only concerned with self preservation and power.

Call me evil but I only want you to be ok. I want you to survive and thrive (honestly) even if you hate me. Feel free to call me out or insult me. But even if publically you want to take sides against me, do it. But in your mind, to yourself, consider the truth.

Stay far away from the areas of scum. Steer clear of the trailer parks and ghettos. Ensure the women and children in your life avoid these places completely.

Your perspective on law enforcement will soon drastically change. As will your view of the ""patriarchy" and the Western system of being.

Good Luck.

3/19/2020 9:23:30 AM

I am the diddling priest.

3/19/2020 9:35:08 AM

thanks for your inside, diddle

3/19/2020 10:18:05 AM

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