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Overground Records
6/16/2013 4:21:00 PM

Ancient Briton b/w Sick Of Work

New vinyl 7” on Overground Records
OVER133 : Barcode: 689492135577

Available 17th June 2013!
Ancient Briton
A heavy beat and a catchy chorus are the hallmarks of this anthem to modern/ austerity/ binge-drinking/ ConDem Britain.

It starts in a pub in Bradford, takes a trip round the terraces, easy-jets it to Spain and ends up with a picture on Facebook of an obliterated geezer lying face down on the pavement wondering what day of the week it is.

It’s the reason the Romans high tailed it back to the sun. And you thought they were just a wimpy peace and love band!

Sick Of Work
The B-side of this platter is also as catchy as hell (which is where this godless band are headed).

With a chord sequence that launched a thousand hits and even more misses, this feel-good waxing urges Britain’s hard working families to bunk-off, enjoy the sunshine and throw a sickie. Still infantile after all these years.

The band might be out of step with the political classes but are bang up to date by issuing this on vinyl, everybody’s favourite retro-petro-chemical byproduct.

Available as a download for those not into conspicuous consumption!