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5/20/2013 9:49:00 AM

‘The Terror Of Modern Life'
(Overground Records) CD/LP/Download
Release date: 20th May 2013

Already getting great reviews, the sixth album by Goldblade is a stark and dark work that never lets go of the band's high octane energy and knack for a great chorus.

Reacting to the modern times the band seem to have cranked both the energy and the raw power on an album that is a clean break from their past and is looking like being their best selling album yet.

The band have released their best work yet and with frontman John Robb involved in many big projects, like organising a special stadium tour celebrating the NHS 65th anniversary in July as well as meeting the American embassy to sort out visa problems for UK bands and compering the Leftield stage at Glastonbury and about to release a new book about the justice Tonight Tour for the Hillsborough 96 and releasing books in Japan and the USA, Robb and the band have never had a higher profile.

God knows how Robb managed to find the time to make this great album but amongst running one of the UK's biggest music websites, Louder Than War, appearing regularly on TV and playing the part of the main baddie in a soon to be released martial arts film Babes With Blades, Robb has done just this.

The album still manages to cram in the rousing with songs like the sardonic 2 minute punk rock rush of Psycho Takes A Holiday, the apocalyptic The Shaman Are Coming before dubbing out on the potential hit single, Serious Business. This is an album that has the imagination of the post punk era and the energy of punk. There are tracks that are fast and furious like the prime time Black Flag rush of My Mind Is Like An Atom Bomb and tracks that are off the wall like the heavy bass porridge weird trip of Someone Stole My Brain that signpost this remarkable album that follows no-one and strikes out on its own path looking for future punk or a different way of dealing the same dark and dangerous stuff and succeeds.

The past few years has seen the band grow big on the live and festival circuit, they are a thriving underground unit that makes no compromise and relish a new musical challenge. Goldblade have toured the world from Russia to Brazil, from Europe to the USA and even Algeria where they were the first rock band to play for 25 years, they have seen everything and done everything and this is reflected in their music.

Goldblade are an adventure and are playing fast and loose with the rules of combat...

Goldblade 'The Terror of Modern Life' Press Quotes

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'Fuck the endless, hair straightened, Vans-wearing parade of Yankophile Warp-tour wannabes. THIS is the sound of British punk rock. Goldblade's new album is a masterclass' Rocksound 8/10

'full of tireless spirit and unwavering focus and great songs..' Uncut

'What a great record this is. The lyrics are stark and it's very dark but that's what you expect from Goldblade and they don't disappoint. Aside from punk rock tunes it's great to see this band delve into reggae inspiration with 'Serious Business' then not forgetting the great HC sounding 'Some One Stole My Brain'. John Robb certainly delivers some awesome vocal parts and with the band giving it all you could only expect something cool from these lads. I've been waiting to hear this album for a while now and I'm left with one happy face! Great production and decent packaging too!' Street Voice 8.5/10

'The new Goldblade album, The Terror Of Modern Life is a dark and diverse exploration of all the possibilities of punk rock but set into a 21st century agenda and a remarkable album that follows no-one but strikes out on its own path looking for future punk" ...' Glasswerk 8/10

'the new Goldblade album is another stormer!' Vive Le Rock 5/5

'... The Terror Of Modern Life is a diverse exploration of all the possibilities of punk rock but set into a stunning dark work' Contact magazine 9/10

'Their best album yet- inventive and darkly powerful- a key release' The Quietus

'Loud and thrilling, the most inventive punk rock record for years. Ground breaking ' R2 magazine 4/5

‘We’re All In It Together’ video

‘The Shaman Are Coming’ video