The Jefferson Bible 1 replies, 7451 views

7/18/2012 4:03:00 PM
So, since there has in the past been a good bit of talk about the fact that Thomas Jefferson put together a bible, I thought I would go ahead and read it when I happened across it in the library a couple days ago. It was interesting. I mean, it was basically the new testament condensed a bit so there isn't quite as much repetition or things not having to do directly with Jesus... and it leaves out all of the supernatural things he supposedly did.. miracles, healing the sick, raising the dead, etc.. and doesn't really refer to him being the son of god except when he is tried by Pilate. I would recommend it to anyone who is actually interested in religion.
7/18/2012 5:49:00 PM
I have heard that every member of congress receives when they are elected.

It is a great read