Saw The Book of Mormon last night... 5 replies, 31872 views

9/9/2011 2:29:00 PM
Fucking amazing.

There's something that makes me strangely happy about watching 60 year old women laugh at songs that are primarily about fucking god in his mouth, ass, and cunt.
Captain Ahab
9/9/2011 3:07:00 PM
Yodel Toast
9/9/2011 3:19:00 PM
I wanted to see that, not sure how long its going to be here for.
Adam Grace
9/9/2011 3:19:00 PM
saw it new york on Tuesday and thought it was terrific
9/9/2011 9:13:00 PM
i wanted to buy tickets for this, i read somewhere online that they were sold out for 4 years or some shit and didnt want to pay even more for a ticket cuz the cheapest seats are 100 bucks
9/10/2011 11:13:00 AM
So I guess they didn't get any death threats from the Mormon community, lost all respect for these guys.