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1/9/2010 9:44:00 AM
To the people who I take opinions from here, what are the best 10 metal records of 2009. I haven't gotten hardly any new music this year. Help me out.
1/9/2010 12:04:00 PM
Helcaraxe / Father Befouled - "Ruination of the Heavenly Communion"
Helcaraxe - "Broadsword"

1/9/2010 12:04:00 PM
double posts sucks arse.
1/9/2010 12:17:00 PM
Duh! Blue album by Baroness.
1/9/2010 12:40:00 PM
Time machine: Go back to when Entombed and Dismember released their 1st records.

That's my personal pick for best record of 2009
Captain Ahab
1/9/2010 3:25:00 PM
black cobra - chronomega
rumpelstiltskin grinder - living for death destroying the rest
1/9/2010 4:12:00 PM
I keep forgetting to download it, but what I have heard of it the new Magrudergrind fucking rules. If someone wants to post a link for it, because I'm too lazy, it would be appreciated (I think this is the third time I've asked this lol).

Off the top of my head, I don't think I've even listened to any other metal albums this year. Aside from God is Good, which I LOVE, and the new BBTS, which I also really really like.
1/9/2010 4:24:00 PM
fuck, I still never got that new Yob record either, I'm slackin'
1/9/2010 5:03:00 PM
Still need to give the new yob a spin as well

1/9/2010 5:12:00 PM
also new mastodon and converge
1/9/2010 5:32:00 PM
He most likely hates the new mastodon and converge
1/9/2010 10:09:00 PM
far out, thanks!
1/10/2010 7:58:00 AM
whats the newest MxGx called? I probably already have it on vinyl.

More guys!
1/10/2010 4:26:00 PM
Black Cobra
Eagle Twin
Aluk Todolo
Pyramids and Nadja
Giant Squid
Nachtmystium EP
1/11/2010 10:00:00 AM
Mammoth Grizzle
Brutal Trizzle
Cory Monster
1/11/2010 10:12:00 PM
Gaza - he is never coming back
the_Network - bishop kent manning
Converge - axe to fall
Antigama - warning
Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution
Parlamentarisk Sodomi - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler
Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind
Tombs - winter hours
Marduk - wormwood

if you dont' want to count those first three
add Nashgul
and Martyrdod
1/11/2010 10:25:00 PM
new martyrdod is good
and i'm pretty sure you have that new magrudergrind, we listened to the cd on the way back from mdf.
1/11/2010 10:59:00 PM
Originally posted by: Cory Monster

new Nashgul

1/12/2010 6:10:00 AM
eli, I gots all that shizzle. nick, got that too. new Nashgul dissapointed me, they're trying too hard now.