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10/18/2009 10:51:00 PM

Not sure how many people are/would be into these
guys. They were an hc/pv band from Chicago who I think
were really underrated.

They finally released their discography double lp that is
pretty killer and I recommend to anyone into the music
to pick one up. Includes a digital download ticket.

Part 1: click here for link
Part 2: click here for link
10/19/2009 9:57:00 AM
nice! only have the Seein Red split. i think mk had some crudos dudes.
10/19/2009 9:58:00 AM
rad, thanks man.
10/19/2009 2:17:00 PM
10/19/2009 2:33:00 PM
Originally posted by:oprahwinfrey

the reunion ruled last month.

I really wish I could have been there. This was the show with Pretentious Assholes Failures and Herds right?
Eric Paradox
10/19/2009 8:33:00 PM
this band was pretty killer. I feel a lot of people don't even realize that they're a pxvx/grind band because of their name.