Syphlitic Vaginas/Nunslaughter split 9 replies, 16117 views

7/11/2009 8:40:00 AM
7/11/2009 9:01:00 AM
found it!

I'll throw it up then.
$teve grove
7/11/2009 9:08:00 AM
i just don't really get nunslaughter man, i don't get the hype. i mean, sure they have a few good releases but it just seems like they record and release way too much shit.
7/11/2009 9:15:00 AM
fuck them, its all about SV (probably my favorite band right now)
7/11/2009 10:26:00 AM
could the name syphlitic vaginas possibly be a nod to gism? it could. for that fact alone, i need to hear this. please post.
Joe Boccuto
7/11/2009 11:19:00 AM
i got a blowjob from one of the dude from nunslaughter's girlfriend before and then told him about it
$teve grove
7/11/2009 11:41:00 AM
Originally posted by: Joe Boccuto

nunslaughter's girlfriend

Originally posted by: geez nutz

syphlitic vaginas.

7/11/2009 12:06:00 PM
SV is so rad. Song titles like "Ritual Titfuck" and a Zouo cover?? Yes!
7/11/2009 12:33:00 PM
the nunslaughter tracks are forgettable. But the one and only SV track is sooo fucking awesome, here it is:

click here for link
7/13/2009 3:59:00 AM
thanks for this, SV rules