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I am better than you
8/1/2008 11:28:00 AM

Dwarn, any comments on this?
8/1/2008 11:37:00 AM
This is huge. Ivins was murdered (Deborah Jeane Palfrey ring a bell? Vince Foster ring a bell?)

From WRH:

Dead Army vaccine scientist eyed in anthrax probe
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The Justice Department has not yet decided whether to close the investigation, officials said, meaning it's still not certain whether Ivins acted alone or had help. One official close to the case said that decision was expected within days.

If the case is closed soon, one official said, that will indicate that Ivins was the lone suspect.
Posted Aug 1, 2008 07:36 AM PST

Translation: Ivins was the cut-out. Killing him halts the investigation before it gets to the real suspect!

FLASHBACK: Anthrax slip-ups raise fears about planned biolabs
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It was December 2001. Ivins, an authority on anthrax, was one of the handful of researchers at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Md., who prepared spores of the deadly bacteria to test anthrax vaccines in animals. He knew enough to grow alarmed when his officemate complained, as she had frequently of late, about sloppy handling of samples coming into the lab that could be tainted with anthrax.
Posted Aug 1, 2008 07:08 AM PST

This is the same guy who supposedly was now a suspect in the Anthrax case, and committed suicide (or was silenced) today.

Meanwhile the FBI never investigated the one man actually CAUGHT ON THE SECURITY SYSTEM entering the storage area where the anthrax used in the letters was stored, without proper authorization and after being fired from his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.
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A top U.S. biodefense researcher apparently has committed suicide in the wake of what a brother said was his intense pursuit by the FBI in connection with anthrax-tainted letters that killed five people.

The Justice Department was about to file criminal charges against the scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, 62, a leading military anthrax researcher who worked for the past 18 years at the government's biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, Md., the Los Angeles Times reported in Friday editions. Ivins had been told of the impending prosecution, the paper said.
Posted Aug 1, 2008 07:04 AM PST

And yet the FBI never investigated the one man actually CAUGHT ON THE SECURITY SYSTEM entering the storage area where the anthrax used in the letters was stored, without proper authorization and after being fired from his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.
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8/1/2008 11:40:00 AM
THE 9/11
An Army biological and chemical warfare facility in Utah has been quietly developing a virulent, weapons-grade formulation of anthrax spores since at least 1992, and samples of the bacteria were shipped back and forth between that facility and Fort Detrick, Md. ... The Utah spores, grown and processed at the 800,000-acre Dugway Proving Ground about 80 miles from Salt Lake City, belong to the Ames strain -- the same strain used in the deadly letters sent to media outlets and two senators in September and October. No other nation is known to have made weapons-grade Ames. [Washington Post]
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The anthrax attacks in the United States were probably the work of a member of a U.S. biological warfare program, the magazine of environment pressure group Greenpeace Germany reported Wednesday. .. "The U.S. delegation believe it is an inside job. ... Their members also have more information than has been made public," Kirsten Brodde, a reporter for the magazine, told Reuters. The magazine said: "It seems the attacker ... wanted to force through an increase in the budget for U.S. research on biological weapons." [Discovery Channel]
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Okay, by now you have probably gotten the point. The Anthrax letters came from inside the United States. The letters contained a specific type of weaponized Anthrax made by a United States military lab which had been claiming for a lot of years that it wasn't doing that sort of thing any more.

"What? Oh, you mean THAT Anthrax over there! Sheesh, we thought you said 'Pamflax' and shuckies but we quit making that stuff a long time ago. Honest. Really. If we're lying may God strike us... a glancing blow."


The pattern of the mailings of the Anthrax letters was also suspicious. Congress got their Anthrax letters just in time for the vote on the disingenuously named USA Patriot Act (aka the anti-terror bill) which the terrorized Senators voted into law without bothering to read. How convenient for the bill's sponsors that there was a terror attack on the Congress just when Congress was about to vote on the anti-terror bill. Eerie timing, isn't it?
"After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Bush Administration tried to ram the USA PATRIOT Act through Congress," [Francis A.] Boyle said in a radio interview with Austin-based talk-show host Alex Jones. "That would have set up a police state. Senators Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) were holding it up because they realized what this would lead to. The first draft of the PATRIOT Act would have suspended the writ of habeas corpus [which protects citizens from unlawful imprisonment and guarantees due process of law]. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, come these anthrax attacks."

"At the time I myself did not know precisely what was going on, either with respect to September 11 or the anthrax attacks, but then the New York Times revealed the technology behind the letter to Senator Daschle. [The anthrax used was] a trillion spores per gram, [refined with] special electro-static treatment. This is superweapons-grade anthrax that even the United States government, in its openly proclaimed programs, had never developed before. So it was obvious to me that this was from a U.S. government lab. There is nowhere else you could have gotten that." [AfterDowningStreet]

So now, knowing that the Anthrax letters came from an American source, take another look at the actual letters (click images for full size).

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8/1/2008 12:20:00 PM
Why wouldn't they blame it on "al-qaeda" rather than come out 7 years later and say it was one of their own?
8/1/2008 12:32:00 PM
Come on, Sharplimbed. That lie wouldn't have any legs, and they knew that.
8/1/2008 12:39:00 PM
So you're saying 9/11 "had legs"? Your speculation about 9/11 and insistence that everything is proof of something would mean it's so full of holes. In itself, it's an argument against the conspiracy, since the impressive aspects of it were carried out so seamlessly.

It wouldn't have made much sense, but why solve the crime at all (nevermind they apparently killed someone to do it)? Fear of the unknown and all that jazz.
8/1/2008 12:59:00 PM
Sharplimbed: the frame-up attempt itself has a very interesting history you should read. (I keep forgetting that almost no one outside the 9/11 Truth community has read this! You have to forgive me - all of this is just more proof of what we figured out years ago - they have been trying at their utmost to frame ANYBODY ELSE THEY CAN for what only Dr. Philip Zack of Israel could have done.)

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(This page was written around 2002 or 2003.)

The FBI knows of a man who was caught entering the lab where the Anthrax used in the letters was kept, after he had been fired for a racially motivated attack on a co-worker. So, why is the FBI wasting its time with Steven Hatfill?

News Story identifying Dr. Philip Zack as the man caught entering the Anthrax storage area at Fort Detrick without authorization. click here for link

In this story, it is reported that Dr. Zack was caught on a security tape making an unauthorized entry into the Anthrax storage area.
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Foreign press picks up story that Anthrax letters were sent by American bio-war scientist ... and that the FBI is dragging its feet on the case.

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No wonder they were dragging their feet.

Salon's story of the attempt to frame Dr. Ayaad Assaad, an Egyptian, for the Anthrax letters
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Already the hate email is pouring in insisting that coverage of this story is "anti-Semitic". Clearly, a certain nation is terrified of this story getting wide coverage.

The time has come to face the unpleasant fact the citizens of the United States may well be the victims of the most incredible hoax in history regarding who is really behind the attacks on the World Trade Towers, the mailing of Anthrax letters to political and media leaders, and even to doubts that Daniel Pearl's killers are actually who we have been told they here for link

The fact is that evidence presented to the public as to who was behind 9-11 is largely faked click here for link while evidence that links the Israeli Spy/Phone Tapping Ring click here for link to the attacks has been classified by the US Government itself, as reported in Carl Cameron's four part story on the spy ring on Fox News (subsequently erased from the mainstream media's web sites).

"reports that Israel was conducting spying activities in the United States may have a grain of truth Note the of second paragraph from the bottom of this story in which a US official admits that even if the Israelis were running a spy ring in the United States, the information would be kept from the American people.

The time has come to seriously consider that the American people are being tricked into a war. Such things are hardly new. Recently declassified documents prove beyond al doubt that Pearl Harbor was not only NOT a surprise, click here for link but was the desired result of an 8 step ONI plan written by Arthur H. McCollum and implemented by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in order to trick the people of the United States into a war against Hitler, via the back door of Japan. And according to Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, the b
8/1/2008 5:46:00 PM

NYT Changes Anthrax Story.As I Was Reading It!
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Posted by willyloman on August 1, 2008

by Scott Creighton

****UPDATE**** they have completely REPLACED the article they had, with one from the AP!!! The exact same article that Fox News has on there site!!! and the AP is still editing it, they just added a comment from Dana Perino.

After finally ridding my computer of the horrible XP Antivirus bug (don't even roll your curser over those ads! If you got it, let me know, I can tell you how to fix it) I was having some coffee and reading the news.

All over the MSM sites was the anthrax story being finally solved (just after the main suspect was found not guilty, I might add. what a coincidence! And this new suspect "killed himself" so there will be no investigation. Case closed! My story to follow this) and I was reading the New York Times article which had some interesting facts that the other MSM sources didn't.

Guess what? That 2 page story, as I was reading it, when I went from page one to page two, refreshed page 1. because that is all that was there. THEY REPOSTED THE STORY WITHOUT THE ODDITIES THAT THE OTHER MSM DIDN'T HAVE!!!

They shortened the story to one page by taking out some KEY information that they had originally posted with the story. I knew I should have copy and pasted it! (If anyone still has the original, please let me know!)

What they took out was very interesting. They quoted a doctor, who worked with the guy who is now being accused of the anthrax attacks, as saying he didn't think the guy did it. They took that part out! They also took out the part where this guy received the highest Pentagon award a civilian can get for his research into an anthrax vaccine to be given to our troops in 2003. They took that out!And they also took out the part where this guy was cited for testing areas outside the restricted area for anthrax spores. And he found them, in someones secretary's desk and keyboard! Remember how this stuff was found on the mail from the drop box? It bleeds through the envelope. So, when he found it in someones secretary's desk and then on her keyboard, that might be a good place to start looking for the culprit. But they took that part out!

But they did add one thing. The reason I was reading the story again was because I was/am working on a story about the one thing they missed: motive. The guy had no motive and the original story lacked any mention of a motive..

Nowhere in the first story and many other MSM versions of this do they mention a possible motive. Nowhere. Well, it seems whomever is checking up on the "official" stories out there caught that little tidbit as well, and they have now added one. On line now in the story that was NOT in the original;

"Authorities were investigating whether Ivins released the anthrax as a way to test his vaccine, officials said." NYT.
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There we have it! The "official story" complete with motive from the ghostly, unnamed, who the heck were they. "officials". Because that is what "they" said.

The problem with that? It makes no sense!

How could he test the vaccine that he hadn't GIVEN TO THOSE PEOPLE???!!! He didn't send a vaccine to the reporter in Florida! He didn't give it to those Senators! This is ridiculous. Moronic! Pathetic "thought police", Ministry of Truth propaganda! It is offensively stupid.

And there it is, for all to see with some poor writers name on it. After he produced a good piece of journalism on the very important subject of who used anthrax against our press and our legisl< src="">
8/1/2008 5:53:00 PM
we're all doomed
Toilet Fleet
8/1/2008 9:14:00 PM
The hilarity of Dwarn in this thread is, well, hilarious. Effortless regurgitation par excellence.

1. The article presupposing motivations behind terrorism, particularly the "maximum casualties" angle, is adorable. There is no methodology of terrorism that indicates "maximum casualties" is a universal credo. Conjecture of the worst kind.

2. The jump from "the letters weren't written by Arab terrorists" to "it must have been the United States government" is laughably incomplete.

3. On to the second regurgitated post, there is nothing in there apart from assertion to say that Dr. Philip Zack is Jewish or has any loyalties to Israel. One can surmise that this presumption comes from his last name, which means absolutely nothing.

4. Regardless of the fact that your numbers are wrong regarding the amount of mineral wealth underneath the Caspian Sea (closer to $15 trillion), Afghanistan does not have mineral rights to the Caspian Sea. You know who does? Iran. If we're going to play the mindless conjecture game, would have it been more logical to concoct a conspiracy in which Iran played the patsy--you know, the country with all the mineral wealth?

5. That's not Mossad's motto at all. Old one, "For by wise counsel thou shalt wage thy war." New one, "Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety." Yeah, your sources suck.

6. That whole "DA NEW YORK TIMES CHANGED DEIR ARTICLEKRLEKLVLKEJR" thing is total bullshit.

7. You still suck at critical thinking. And you're probably a Jew.