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5/25/2007 6:43:00 PM
this band is pretty cool, blatent meshuggah clone, but a good one. They are called Four Question Marks and their from poland.

5/25/2007 6:44:00 PM
oops forgot link

click here for link
Sarcastic Existence
5/25/2007 7:34:00 PM
I thought this was going to about ALOL, and I like ALOL.
5/28/2007 4:16:00 PM
theyre from france and they stink.

no band can ever copy Meshuggah so blatantly and recieve respect from me. Fuck this band forever.
5/28/2007 4:17:00 PM
Fuck Meshuggah clones.
Cory Monster
5/28/2007 4:46:00 PM

is this Hacride?
because if so, they're not that bad