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YourTouch Vs Death
10/25/2006 4:12:00 PM
yo what's up people of the internet..haha no seriously 21year old vocalist with influneces ranging from etid,btbam,he is legend,heavy heavy low low bla bla bla i have my own pa and wip, so any takers interested in this post hit me up on the PM's...i don't have myspace so don't ask for my ms address because i don't believe in one at the moment..other than that keep the good times rolling and the long nights toking peace out fuckers i hope this peaks someones interest other than mine....well i feel like i've wrote too much who the fuck is actually gonna take the time to read this especially being a giant paragraph of nothing but a add for a singer looking to start or jump into a band...well gotta go FUCK!
Check Your Chest x
11/2/2006 2:41:00 AM
yo man i am from philly. i am 19 and play bass get at me...i was in a hardcore band called words fade to trauma, and we got pretty popular overnight. then i played bass in a metal band called no one dies alone.

aim: secondtolastime