Bleeding Through - "The Truth" 3 replies, 12137 views

-War Torn Life-
1/25/2006 11:08:00 PM
I get made fun of for liking these guys but so be it.

I dont like the overall production on this cd...the instruments/vocals just dont sound right to me. There are a few songs i really like but that love song/power ballad is fucking terrible. Brandon cant sing very well and there is a lot more singing on this cd. Basically im disapointed but oh well.

I also bought the new dvd they put out called "wolves among sheep" and that thing is fucking long as hell and boring. The live footage was unmixed/produced or edited so it sounds like shit. It was only $10 but not really worth it.
1/25/2006 11:25:00 PM
awful, awful band
Ron Shark
1/26/2006 12:08:00 AM
Most Important Album Of The Year!

Don't like their music at all but the layout on this album is fucking awesome.
1/26/2006 12:24:00 AM
this band is complete shit