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6/24/2005 7:32:00 PM
Zartan is the coolest figure by far.
Adam Grace
6/24/2005 7:33:00 PM
be all end all
6/24/2005 7:36:00 PM
Snake Eyes, or Shipwreck.
6/24/2005 7:40:00 PM
Originally posted by:be all end all

Snake Eyes, or Shipwreck.

Snake Eyes and Stormshadow are a tie for my 2nd favorites.

I have a shitload, I collect the 3 3/4". I have like 80 of them, most of them with weapons, but only a few of them still in the package, and those ones are the sendaway ones...Hooded Cobra Commander and Jinx are the only 2 still sealed in the sendaways. I also have a sendaway Hovercraft in the plain cardboard box unassembled but without the driver.
6/24/2005 7:43:00 PM
I can't remember his name but he was orange and blue with a blue face. fuck this is gonna bug me all night
Billy Crystals
6/24/2005 7:45:00 PM
Shipwreck, cmon dude, that guy was as gay as it got. Him and Destro defiently had something gay going on on Destro's secret island.

My favorites were Cobra Commander, Sgt. Slaughter, Snake Eye, and Stormshadow.
be all end all
6/24/2005 7:46:00 PM
The sendaways were so fucking sweet I would look at those couple page fold out catalouges for like an hour when I would get them. I was in the fan club though. They sent me like a packet of info, member card, offical letter, and mini frizbee. I sold many of my figures a couple years sadly I had mass amount as well, I think I might have some vehicles left but thats it. I don't think I would sell my comics though. G.I. Joe comics are nothing to fuck with.
be all end all
6/24/2005 7:48:00 PM
Haha I don't fucking care Shipwreck was fucking awsome, and Slaughter was the shit, but I considered him a wrestler not cartoon character. Now Gung-Ho he was fucking gay, and Snowjob was probably a close third for me as well. Haha fucking snowjob what a shitty name.
6/24/2005 7:48:00 PM
I was the same way...shit, when i was younger, I used to be amazed just looking at the back of the figure cards where there were like 30 of the recent figures...I always wanted all of them.
6/24/2005 7:48:00 PM

this is fucked the one I have in my basement is orange and blue
6/24/2005 8:31:00 PM
6/24/2005 8:52:00 PM
Snake eyes.
6/24/2005 9:32:00 PM
6/24/2005 9:46:00 PM
Originally posted by:Slaterson

I can't remember his name but he was orange and blue with a blue face. fuck this is gonna bug me all night

i used to know this kid when i lived in russia and he had the orange and blue one. I was fucking jealous...that figure was always my favorite
Billy Crystals
6/24/2005 10:03:00 PM
Originally posted by:veganfistresurrected

gi joe teaches small boys to be aggressive and warlike

Fuck yeah dude! That's why boys should only play with building blocks and Barbies.
6/24/2005 10:19:00 PM
I never liked the good guys, always liked the Dreadnoks best --- and as far as the favorites out of that group = Tamox and Xomat
!! lil Kryzzle !!
6/24/2005 11:59:00 PM
I have a life size G.I Joe. he's my favorite.
6/25/2005 1:22:00 AM
I had version 1 of shipwreck and plan on getting the tattoo of him next month!