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MUSIC NEWS - 05/21/2020
Jaye Jayle Returns With PRISYN, Debut's New Single "Guntime"
The Young Widows frontman has unveiled the first track from his upcoming collaboration with Ben Chisolm
MUSIC NEWS - 05/18/2020
Two Minutes To Late Night Posts White Zombie Cover
The cover of "Super-Charger Heaven" features Will Putney, Lisa Mungo of Fucked And Bound, and Mutoid Man members
MUSIC NEWS - 05/14/2020
DEATH BY STEREO to release new album 'We're All Dying Just In Time'!
The album will be released August 7th on Indecision Records in America and Concrete Jungle Records in the rest of the world. It will be their first full length since 2012 and overall release since 2016.
MUSIC NEWS - 05/01/2020
Greg Puciato Debuts "Deep Set" Video
The track comes from Puciato's upcoming solo record "Child Soldier: Creator Of God" and features Poison The Well drummer Chris Hornbrook
MUSIC NEWS - 05/01/2020
WESTERN ADDICTION premiere video for 'Lurchers', new album out 'Frail Bray' out soon
The San Francisco treat Western Addiction return with their third full length Frail Bray out May 15th on Fat Wreck Chords!
TRACK STREAM - 05/01/2020
New grindcore band SELFISH LOVER unleash two rippers!
The band features members of Bottomfeeder, Heikousen, and Thy Art Is Murder, and will be releasing the debut EP Voluntary Human Extinction soon!
MUSIC NEWS - 04/29/2020
Spice, Featuring Members Of Ceremony + Sabertooth Zombie, Announce Debut LP
Spice's self-titled debut LP is available for pre-order and will be available July 17th from Dais Records.
TRACK STREAM - 04/27/2020
STEEL NATION stream new song '2 Many times' + a quick interview!
Central PA's hardcore mainstay STEEL NATION just dropped a new song '2 Many Times' from the upcoming album "The Big Sleep" and answer a few questions regarding the new album.
MUSIC NEWS - 04/23/2020
Lamb Of God Debut "New Colossal Hate"
Lamb Of God had to push back their album release date due to the coronavirus pandemic, but still debuted a new banger on Youtube.
COMMENTARY - 04/22/2020
Quarantine Jams 4/22/2020
This is a new article series in which I do quick spotlights on 3 or 4 albums that I've been personally listening to. First of many!