Album: All Will Suffer (2001) (2011)

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Song: This World Is Mine

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This bio will be updated slowly as the memories come back to our withered old brains.

Started in the ruins of a dead New Jersey hardcore scene, 5 souls have risen from the ashes to resurrect a dead state in 2000. While clubs shut their doors and pioneering bands were in their last states of rigor mortis a new terror was being conceived in the bowels of New Jersey.

In 2001-'All Will Suffer' EP was released by well-known NJ based label War Machine Records. Joe War Machine, close friend to the band was able to promote the EP to the levels that larger bands would do with full-length releases. The album quickly made its way through the northeast, allowing the buzz to grow like wildfire. Also growing was the reputation of the bands 'exciting, yet terrifying' live shows...not necessarily from the band itself, but the fans that seemingly saved up all of their pent up aggression and rage for SR's breakdown-laden songs, taking it out on other showgoers and inanimate objects alike...sometimes one was used on the other and vice versa...

2002 Marked the release of 'Broken Ties...Spoken Lies' on Eulogy Recordings/ Alveran Records -which garnered heavy praise from reviewers, the band began touring and gaining speed with a solid lineup and more horror stories from shows with each set.

In 2003, Shattered Realm was introduced to the world stage at Hellfest 2003. Many had heard the stories, however few outside of the Northeast had actually experienced the mayhem first-hand. Riding high on the acclaim of 'Broken Ties...', Shattered Realm set their sights on world-domination. At the end of the Summer of 2003, SR parted ways with Big Chris as vocalist and Al on drums. This left SR in a state of purgatory- Chris' trademark, bone-chilling vocals and Al's heavy-footed double-bass skills needed to be filled, or the band would succumb to the unforgiving sands of time, when the band had their first European tour set to begin in September 2003.
The band needed to carry on, so they did what close friends from New Jersey did. They relied on their friends. In comes Chris Rage, former drummer from Fury Of Five to replace Al and Paul Brown, who at the time sang for Atlantic City based Hardcore band, Repercussion to fill the vocals spot.

Chris Rage brought a more uptempo and emotional style of drumming to the band and Paul contributed a high-energy stage presence from a frontman, however it was a noticeably different vocal style. Less metal-like, more hardcore influence. What Paul lacked in similar vocal stylings from Chris, he made up for in having little regard for his own personal safety during the live sets. Most notably suffering a severe ankle/leg injury in Memphis, TN in Feb 2004 when a stage-dive when horribly wrong.

This lineup toured Europe in Sept/Oct 2003 and then commensed two back-to-back US tours in Early 2004 with Remembering Never / On Broken Wings and then split off to tour with Terror/Born From Pain/ The Promise. In Summer 2004, SR played the final installment of the infamous 'Hellfest' to a record crowd. This would be vocalists Paul's final set with the band due to personal reasons

A year later and in the same spot-SR needed another vocalist. With Chris unable to re-take the reigns which he once held, the band looked again to their brothers in the music community....2005 marked the year that SR took on what would be their most notable change to the SR lineup.

Joe Hardcore, singer of Philadelphia's infamous Hardcore band Punishment was now in charge of the microphone. This new era brought an even higher level of energy and crowd-involvement to SR. November 2005 marked the release of 'From The Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing', which showcased Joe Hardcore's dark poetic-like ability to write lyrics that would take your heart by storm and hit home like few had ever done....a long-awaited album that resulted in relentless touring throughout the U.S. and Europe, taking SR to heights they had never expected, and it also brought an era of Hawiian shirts and even more stage dives resulting in ankle injuries that required duct tape as a make-shift brace. The addition of Nick Sarro on Bass in 2006 would even further progress the bands stage presence and energy.

In June of 2006, SR reunited with Chris in Asbury Park, Nj for a special impromptu set at a Stone Pony show, the result was utter chaos.

The lineup with Joe HxC would continue in it's assault on the world, including the infamous 'This World Is Mine 2008' Tour. Joe Hardcore's beloved presence in the hardcore community proved to be overwhelmingly beneficial for the bands ability to have support in any corner of the globe in which they travelled. Joe Hardcore did what no one thought was possible, in the summer of 2005 when Hellfest collapsed, he picked up the pieces and invited the world of Hardcore to Philadelphia for what would prove to be the biggest act of Brotherly Love the Hardcore community had ever seen. This would evolve into This Is Hardcore Fest, which has grown significantly every year since it's inception and most notably sold out in 36hrs for the 2010 edition. Joe Hardcore still dedicates his life to the existence and flourishment of TIHC on a daily basis and it shows.

....with the exception of a few sporadic Chris sets(PressureFest 2009) until late 2009 when events unfolding in the band caused a disbanding, with an occasional set for benefit shows and fests.

The Realm had succumbed to time. More band members than The Misfits and more broken down tour vans than anybody could begin to count. The years had taken it's toll on New Jersey's most infamous band and they faded from view.

It is now 2011...A decade of shows, tours, legends and fables.
Shattered Realm returns with Chris on vocals to take back what is rightfully theirs. The world.