Album: LEFT FOR DEAD (2012)

Song: Pushed

Bitrate: 320kbps

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REDTOPS 2012 Line up
Tony Topps Vocals
Soda Drums (Nemesis Enforcer/Hard To Kill/Redtops/Fury of Five/Straight Up!/One Life Crew/ Co Evolution/CIA)
Dave Redtop Guitar (Redtops/Fury of Five/Shot Into The Sun/SOBP)
Ziggy Bass (By Nightfall/ Imprint/Barricade/Animal Haus)
Shawn Guitar (Animal Haus/A Day Once Dead)

Redtops 'Left For Dead' line up
Tony Vocals
Soda Guitar
Tyler Pursell Guitar (Gym Class Heroes)
Emery Ceo Drums (Ritual, Integrity, Run Devil Run)
Billy Bass

With LEFT FOR DEAD, Redtops merge metal with old-school hardcore, resulting in a fierce album that's more Biohazard than Killswitch Engage. Originally released in 2005 and reissued four years later, DEAD nods back to the spiky sound of late-1980s/early-'90s New York City bands such as the Cro-Mags, as best heard on the battle-ready "Wage My War."

Old School style hardcore that brings back the late 80s NYHC sound of the Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Sick Of It All, Side By Side, Killing Time, Youth Of Today and Shelter...Just to name a few.

Recording information: Creep Studios, West Chester, PA.
Audio Mixer: Arik Victor.

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Since 1998 the REDTOPS have been dominating the South East, Pa. scene with their trademark sound. They have outlived may of their peers and continue to bring forth some of the most genuine hardcore music today. With three independent releases and hundreds of live shows under their belts, The REDTOPS have proven their credibility among promoters,bands, and most importantly the fans."WONT BACK DOWN", The REDTOPS current release and first full-length venture, is a sampling of the bands passion and energy. Racking up the miles across the United States and sharing the stage with a multitude of national acts such as, INTEGRITY, RUN DEVIL RUN, STATE OF CONVICTION, THE TURBO A.C.'s, MCRAD, OUT TO WIN, MUSHMOUTH, NINE LIVES, STRENGTH FOR A REASON, CLENCHED FIST, DEATH THREAT,THE DEFTONES & MADBALL