Pushed Too Far

Album: Optimism Is Denial Pre-Recording (2013)

Song: Optimism Is Denial

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Formed in 2003, Pushed Too Far is on a mission to bring you fast and aggressive HARDCORE, with a big fuck you attitude. When you come see us, prepare for an energetic set in a room where no one is safe...

With several records released on Clenched Fist Records, the independent label they started themselves, Pushed Too Far has played all over, from rehearsal rooms over boats to the infamous Ypres Hardcore Fest. Bands that we had the honor to share the stage with include Surge Of Fury, Terror, Madball, Hoods, Cro-Mags, H20, Walls Of Jericho, No Turning Back, Kickback, Wisdom In Chains, Skarhead, Sick Of It All, First Blood & numerous others...

As it goes with bands that are around for some time we've had several line-up changes. The attitude is still the same, but the music evolved... We still don't give a fuck about trends in and outside hardcore and make music that makes you want to start a riot!

We recently released a split 7" with our friends in United Blood, and after a small European tour we also put out a mini-CD, entitled "Nothing Remains". It talks about how hardcore has changed throughout the years, how people come and go, the daily struggles in life and everything beyond that...

Currently we have a new line-up and are working on a full-CD that should see the light by summer 2014, a new song "Optimism Is Denial" will be released this weekend...

PUSHED TOO FAR - Kris / Nicho / DMZ / Jordy / Rowdy - 2013 - Fear The Future

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