Album: Vault of Whispers (2011)

Song: Behind the Rose

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Pool Of Thorns started in January of 2009, the group consists of four members including a female singer. Pool Of Thorns is a meld of hard rock with melodic heavy guitar riffs and inspirational/politically charged vocals. Their influences include Tool, Evanescence, Disturbed, Janis Joplin and Rage Against the Machine to name just a few. The band is notorious for being called "THE HARDEST WORKING BAND IN JERS-A-DELPHIA" and lately as " THE HARDEST WORKING BAND ON THE EAST COAST" as they play 1 to 2 shows a week touring regionally from South Carolina all the way to Illinois, including Baltimore, New York city, Philadelphia, Trenton and Chicago.

With over 300 shows under their belt other feats include:

- P.O.T. has shared the stage/booked to play on tours with TAPROOT, A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH, BRET MICHAELS of POISON, TYPE -O- NEGATIVE and MANY MORE in planning!!!

-They have had many donations along with FREE SHOWS to charity events and fundraisers ... at least 50 !!!!

-1st place in a competition winning them a spot on the soundtrack and a part in the movie "Blood Lodge" a zombie comedy with actors from the Soprano's being filmed in Vermont.

- Currently they a are finishing their REGIONAL TOUR, and Sucessfully threw P.O.T.FEST 2011' ( which now will have many spots on their 2012 tour) which is a camping festival that showcases local music along with national and worldwide acts.... P.O.T. is now planning their 2012' NATIONAL TOUR !!!!