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Inherit Disease - Visceral Transcendence

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 11/29/2010 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

A few years ago or so I was told to check out Inherit Disease's debut release Procreating and Apocalypse on Unique Leader Records. I wasn't as impressed as a lot of people were. I enjoyed it a bit and found it to be solid, but a lot of it wasn't that memorable and I rarely listened to the album.

Fast forward to 2009 at the New England Deathfest. Somewhere between the first album and this time frame they had gained a new drummer and guitarist. Their set at this fest was absurdly heavy and tight. I was instantly understanding the hype and wanting to listen to their first full length to give a more thorough listen. They had a 3 song demo for sale at the fest. I snatched that up and those 3 songs destroyed all 10 songs on the debut. These tracks had me beyond excited for the 2nd full length.

Visceral Transcendence did not disappoint. Everything, and I mean everything, has been stepped up. Each member is completely on point. The vocals are more powerful (they were a tad weak at times on the debut), the drumming is tight as hell, the bass work is incredible, and the new guitarist runs shit. The technicality is spot on. It's the right amount. They do not overuse it. The production is very clear for the genre. You can hear every instrument very well.

From the word go this album sets out to prove that Inherit Disease demand attention and respect in the world of death metal. These 4 guys have a tight foundation for writing brutal music. I really hope the lineup sticks together because this release could only be a sign of better things to come.

PS, take note of the art. It's done by a guy named Yang Guang. It's amazing. I'm shocked A LOT more bands aren't using his talents!

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Love the new album. It is brutal! My only slight minor comment is the drum recording is a little to twangy for me. I like analog and heavy drums. But again that's my preference.

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