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PUNK ROCK BOWLING 2018 Headliners announced -

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 12/08/2017 | Comments: 76 | Rate:

So, somehow they booked Crass, which is wild.


MAY 25-28, 2018
Downtown Las Vegas Event Center
200 S 3rd St. Las Vegas, NV 89101

Rise Against
At The Drive
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Against Me!
Steve Ignorant / CRASS ’78-’84
The Partisans
Marked Men
Angelic Upstarts
The Briefs
Swingin’ Utters
Slaves (UK)
Larry And His Flask
Buster Shuffle
Crazy & The Brains
Resistance 77
Birth Defects
Father Figures
The Atom Age

PRB in its entirety goes from Friday, May 25 – Monday, May 28, 2018, in Downtown Las Vegas (view festival site map)
The Outdoor Music Festival runs Saturday, May 26 – Monday, 28 (3 Days) *All Ages
Late Night Club Shows Friday, May 25 – Monday, May 28 (4 Days) *All Club shows are 21+
Legit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament goes down at the Golden Nugget! Friday, May 25
Amateur Bowling Tournament complete with cash prizes happens before the festival Saturday, May 26, finals on Sunday.
Killer (free!) Pool Parties with bands & DJs- Saturday, May 26 through Monday, 28 (3 Days)
Plus: Free comedy and punk rock lounge acts, punk rock movie screenings, titillating food trucks, merch vendors, art show and more!

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