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Illusions Dead - Celestial Decadence

Joey Repulsive   (7 reviews)

Posted: 03/08/2016 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

When I saw Finnish Blackened Death Metal is the description for this album in the review pool I was sold. Celestial Decadence is the debut full length from Illusions Dead. Illusions Dead were formed in 2009, and consist of Johannes Katajamäki on Guitar and Vocals, Jake Lastujoki on Guitar, Mikael Aalto on Bass, and Akseli Auralinna on Drums, and their only other release was a self-titled EP put out in 2013, their influences include bands like Insomnium, Anata, Gorgoroth, Intestine Baalism, Dissection. Which is fitting because upon listening to this album I was most reminded of Gorgoroth and The Funeral Pyre.

This album does not mess around, there's no intro to this album, just a heavy black metal black metal riff to kick off this album. Celestial Decadence does not let up throughout its eight tracks. The only time's it lets up with the brutality is on Revolution (Celestial Spheres), which is a little slower than the rest of the songs on the album, but still manages to stay just as aggressive as the rest of the album. There's also a softer interlude on the last track, Illusions Dead, where they turn off the distortion, but its short lived. Clean vocals, or acoustic guitars never touch this album.

What I was most impressed with on Celestial Decadence are the production values. Normally when I think Black Metal I think vey raw low-fi sound, but Celestial Decadence's has great production. It's not over or under produced, it's just right for a Black Metal album as far as I'm concerned, which is impressive for a self- released album. Illusions Dead doesn't reinvent Black Metal, but they do a fine job achieving a great Black Metal sound. All and all Celestial Decadence is a great debut album, check it out.

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