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Iron Reagan - Worse Than Dead

Crack Pie   (1898 reviews)

Posted: 02/07/2013 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

If you are not a complete idiot you have heard of bands like Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour. If you are even less of an idiot you may be aware that members from both bands came together last year to record a demo of good old fashioned thrash/hardcore crossover under the moniker Iron Reagan. It may just be the fellas credentials, but Iron Reagan quickly gained notoriety and responded quickly with their first full length Worse Than Dead.

Well if their 2012 demo wasn't evident enough, these guys are more than worthy of their accolades. Worse Than Dead is nineteen ball of fire tracks that never cross the two minute mark. If you are at all familiar with Tony Foresta's vocals in Municipal Waste than you know exactly what he sounds like on this record. Musically this is a slight departure from the Waste though. The formula is pretty simple, just add some classic fast hardcore. Lyrically Foresta and drummer Ryan Parrish do double duty and get a little more serious than you usually would expect from Foresta's usual off the wall style.

Iron Reagan sticks to the path paved by 80's crossover greats. But I imagine that is pretty obvious given their name, album artwork and urgency. Aside from a few surprises, like a guest vocal spot by Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Lock Up), this is a straight up thrashing hardcore record that doesn't disappoint.

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this band is cool
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stoked to hear this
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I keep going back to it. Awesome record
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If you have heard this song for once you will definitely be knowing how good this music is. The songs can be stated as a perfect composition. They have composed the tune so well that it goes so great with the lyric of the song.    
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