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A Fucking Elephant - Seven Inches 7"

Tapehead   (41 reviews)

Posted: 01/06/2013 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

The erratic, jazz-syncopated and caustic shrapnel that’s lovingly carved into the grooves of Seven Inches, the new 2-song single from New Jersey’s A Fucking Elephant, is the type of scattered violence one hopes for when confronted with a song title like “I’m Addicted to Drugs & Sex and I Want You to Choke Me.”

Since sharing split releases with Nefarious Industries’ labelmates arbogast and El Drugstore, Seven Inches (a.k.a. Seven Inches of A Fucking Elephant) is the first real album from the drum/guitar combo of Matt Keys and Greg Meisenberg, instrumental tracks that amount to a little over seven minutes of wild, off-register progression that brings to mind the often strange and complex sounds of Hella, Noxious Foxes or Tera Melos.

The B-side, “A Bunch of Good Looking Roundeyes,” is a flurry of fuzz tone and swirling percussive roles more concerned with math than danger, though the arrhythmic rush is incentive enough to turn the album over about seven more times.

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